Franchise Workplace Safety Specialists

Date: NOV 23rd, 2015

Topic: Suppliers

Contact:  Steve Sinclair
Phone:  0418 599 953 

Franchise Induction Made Easy 

Are your staff up to speed on the correct workplace behaviour?  
Bullying, harassment and discrimination incurs large fines.
tbcVault offer a professional series of easy to use workplace behaviour and safety online training modules.  After completing the course your franchise business will always meet it's safety obligations.

You will notice that:
  • the guesswork has been taken out of 'what is appropriate behaviour?', 'Is that OK?' 
  • work colleagues can relax and focus on work as they are educated in the overall safety and behaviour expectations.
  • there are less or no cases of workplace bullying and unacceptable behaviour.
  • business partners and employees will know the standards expected of them while at work.
  • social gatherings will still require your franchise family to act according to the guidelines.
  • there is guidance for suitable social media communication.
  • Work Health and Safety implementation can be easy with our online modules
Work Health Safety is an integral part of any business, franchise or otherwise.  Mistakes in this area can be very costly.  Starting from $49.50 per person, per year, you will have access to up to date information, in a simple format, that is practical and easy to understand.  Our modules can be issued to all new franchisees, business partners, or employees during their induction stage.  These modules which include videos can be completed at any time.

Contact me on the above number and we can offer you some practical advice for your business, and will send you a video that offers a taste of our program at no obligation.

A happy work place is a productive workplace.
Contact Steve on 0418 599 953.