Publicity For Profit

Date: NOV 1st, 2014

Topic: Suppliers

Contact: Sue Papadoulis,  Publicity Expert
P: 1300 123110

Sue is an experienced journalist that has developed a business that empowers franchise owners and distributors to gain free publicity in the media, whether it be at a local level or across the country television news telecasts.  

Her achievements have helped businesses to be featured on radio programs,  television features, newspapers, magazines, and many more. 

Sue has the knowledge and expertise to develop the framework for media campaigns that are consistent for franchises to use throughout the country, while still being able to add their own details to connect with their local consumers.  A package that could literally save your business thousands, along with the stress of developing and keeping a check on individual marketing campaigns.  A perfectly streamlined approach for any business!

If you would like to be out there gaining exposure in your key marketplace then talk to Sue about how this is possible with even the smallest budget!

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