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Neutralising Eftpos Merchant Fees For Businesses

Zefpos – brought to you by Zefpay – is a powerful, new eftpos solution that can add multiple thousands to merchant's bottom line by completely removing the need to pay merchant fees.

You can learn more about how it works by watching this video.

A welcome cost-cutting innovation for business, Zefpos has the ability to add as much as 1-2% directly to the bottom line of any eftpos-reliant business. 

Zefpos is a powerful, market-first third-party surcharge solution, which offers the payment options your customers want while giving you a sustainable solution that will keep your prices competitive and stable. Our system also guarantees 100% compliance with RBA and ATO guidelines.

With a unique and market-first ability to automatically split funds at point-of-sale, the Zefpos system provides a worry-free, hassle-free way for the merchant to keep 100% of their sale – every sale – potentially saving multiple thousands (or ten's of thousands) every year. 

We handle the surcharge on the merchant's behalf to pay the bank fees and take care of all the GST on the surcharge in accordance to ATO requirements. It's very easy, saves you time and hassle so you can get on with what you do best. Zefpos works with any bank and over 90% of all POS systems – so there is no need to switch.

Our hardware is a top of the range Ingenico terminal, accepts all cards – including UnionPay and Amex. Our system is backed by a big four bank and our payments provider is a publicly listed fintech.

Is it time for you to start saving?

The business landscape has changed with over 45% of Australian businesses are now adding a small fee to cover their costs.

·       Research shows incidence of merchants adding surcharge has grown 70% in just four years.

·       As much as 96% growth from 2010 to 2016.

·       Most businesses don’t have time to manage the complicated compliance aspects when using surcharge and welcome a third-party solution who takes the hassle out.

·       Customers are becoming more accepting of fair, low-rate surcharge.

·       Add thousands to your marketing budget, spend on upgrades, or simply enjoy healthier margins.

·       Many businesses understand this is simply better business.

For more information call 1300 785 514 or visit www.zefpay.com.au.