LC Training and Consultancy

Date: NOV 23rd, 2015

Topic: Suppliers

Contact:  Lou Campbell
Ph: 0408 370 757

Success in business is up to you and in a nutshell we can give you all the tools you need for success.

We can help you easily work out what business would suit you, franchise or otherwise, and more importantly why this is so.  You will never see yourself or your life through the same eyes again.  Knowledge is power, and this we want to share with you.

There are two easy online tools to use. 

Tool 1 :  E-Disc Profile

Identifies -

·      why you do what you do, and why you don’t do what you should do.

·      your decision-making and preferred communication styles.

·      your strengths, motivators, stretches, top drivers, qualities, attributes, and personal characteristics.

·      your ability to work and contribute in a team environment.

·      your leadership skills.

·      Your beliefs and values

Once completed you will receive a 24+ page profile report – all about you – that is fully explained.  You will also receive analysis of existing behavioural patterns.

Contact us to get started on your E-Disc Profile today. 

Tool 2: Your Success

·      Turn your dreams into reality through SMART goal setting.

·      Feel inspired, confident, and in control of your future pathway.

·      Understand how your thinking determines the quality of your life and your success.

·      Learn that by changing your thinking you can change your life.

·      Tune into the language you use and learn how it impacts our ability to communicate effectively.

·      You are guided through levels of inspirational personal development content.

There are audios, videos, and questionnaires along the way.  You can learn, grow, develop, and achieve success at your own pace.

Get started with Your Success today

All information shared is strictly confidential and is required to build a client profile.  This enables a collaborative approach to success and ultimately your complete happiness.

You can give me a call on 0408 370757 to discuss how these tools will create amazing business opportunities and personal and professional success for you!!

 We all have a choice. 

We all have the ability to create something extraordinary.