How To Find The Right Business For Me

Buying a business is a huge decision, and now you don't have to make it alone.
Who do you talk to for advice that is non biased, and they are not trying to sell you their business?
After years of searching we have found an experienced franchising and business owner that has spent years in the management and ownership of his own businesses, and also as a recruitment and training manager within franchise systems.  Who better to offer advice?
Colin Mackie is not trying to sell you a business, his mission is to help you find the right business, franchise or otherwise, that is suited to YOU.

Here is a personal note from Colin:

Going into business is a scary thing to do.  Psychologists say that the three highest stress factors in life are getting married, buying your first home, and a divorce or bereavement.

We disagree.  After more than 25 years of helping people go into their first business, we believe that this would have to rate as the second highest stress inducer.  You are risking your home, your savings, your relationships and your future well-being on a venture without guarantees.  This decision needs to be made well, and with solid foundations supporting your decision.

Enterprise 21, my business, is neither a business brokerage nor a franchise brokerage.  We were, for many years, Franchisee Selection Agents who were commissioned by Franchisors to find suitable Franchisees for their systems.  We would be better described as akin to "marriage brokers" where we try to match the skills and attributes of an intending Franchisee with the requirements of the Franchise system.

Before you start to investigate any Franchise system you need to firstly be aware of what a "Franchise" really is.  You need to be aware of the meaning and the terms used and the 'Franchise specific' vernacular.  You then need to assess your own skills, aptitude and attitudes to determine whether you would be compatible working in a Franchise environment - and your preferred one in particular.  (asking yourself the right questions is key here)

Enterprise 21 is not a legal advisor.  We have worked with many solicitors over the years and for a number of years we have constructed Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents and then passed these to our solicitors for "legislation".  We believe that the legal documents should be simple, written in non-legal terminology where possible and reflect a win-win scenario.  Your solicitor can advise you on all matters pertaining to the legal aspects of your intended purchase, but they should not advise you on the business potential or on your chances of success.  They are not qualified to offer this type of advice.

Enterprise 21 is also not an accountancy practice.  We can, however, read and understand balance sheets and profit and loss statements.  We have also had many years working with a variety of business types and have a very solid working understanding of how to create a profitable bottom line.  We also work with either your accountant or ours to overview the financial documents that are available to us if this is required.  Your accountant is akin to the solicitor in as much as they are not qualified to advise on the possible viability of a particular system or your personality match for it.

We understand that owning a business is not all about the bottom line.  Prestige, lifestyle, pleasure, environment and personal satisfaction are also very important factors that need to be taken into consideration.  Your personal goals and aspirations are possibly the most important aspect of selecting a franchise system.

With many decades of deep involvement in small business operations from a number of perspectives, and over 30 years of involvement in the franchise sector at all levels, we are uniquely positioned to assist those who are contemplating the quantum leap into franchise business ownership.

Face to face consultations are preferable, however we will happily have Skype sessions for those outside of South East Queensland.  When we have an initial obligation free conversation we can establish the best way to help you into your new business with confidence.  We can be as in depth as you require.  

 A wrong decision can be most costly to your bank balance, your family, and your health.  We look forward to helping you find the right business for YOU and wish you every success.  

The right decisions and platform for success is a pathway to your ultimate dreams.

Yours Sincerely,
Colin Mackie
Enterprise 21

Colin is happy to talk with you to work out your business investment needs, and to see if you are on the right track or could do with some professional independent advice.
You can contact him via email on, or call him directly on 0435 795 553.
Alternatively you can register your interest HERE and Colin will be in touch to discuss your plans.