Enterprise 21

Are you looking to start a franchise and learn about operating in the franchising industry?  

With decades of experience in the franchising sector, and the strength of the franchising systems behind the industry, Colin is able to share his invaluable knowledge with you to ensure a successful franchising outcome.
 Colin has been instrumental in developing a franchise from 37 to 202 franchisees in just over two and a half years by recognising the limitations of the franchise system and addressing these so that all partners prosper.  The strength of a thoroughly well designed franchise system can deliver more consistent and reliable results, and help to limit the risk for all partners involved.
In drawing from his experiences Colin and his team have produced a comprehensive Do It Yourself Franchising Kit.  
This includes:
  1. Legal Documentation
    • Franchise Agreement*
    • Disclosure Document*
    • Trade Practices Regulations 1998
  2. Policy and Administration Documents
    • Operations Manual Template
  3. Marketing Templates
    • Radio and Newspaper Scripts
    • Other Marketing Methods
  4. Selection Procedure Documentation
    • Franchisee Selection Procedures
    • Lead Handling
      • Lead Form
      • Lead Database Template
      • Lead Phone Script
    • Lead Generation and Information Seminar
      • Information seminar – set up requirements
      • Initial information and invitation email and post pack
      • Keeping in contact and follow up email packs
      • Steps to hold an information seminar
      • Basic PowerPoint Presentation
      • Seminar Registration Forms
      • Business Overview Document
      • Franchisee Steps to Purchase and Call to Action Documentation
      • Additional Seminar Handouts
      • Seminar Costing
    • First Interview Procedures
      • Interview Pack Requirements
      • Confidentiality and Restraint of Trade Agreement
      • Expression of Interest and Deposit Form
      • Franchisee Application Questionnaire
      • Letter to the Solicitor
      • List of Solicitors
      • Personality Profile (1)
      • Personality Profile (2)
      • Training Information
      • Interview Evaluation
      • Progress Report
    • Territory Map and Demographic Advice
    • Directors Interview Procedures
      • Director Interview Information and Questions
      • Signing Legal Documentation Checklist
    • Second Interview Procedures
      • Prospect Representations Questionnaire
      • Application of Business Registration Advice
      • Cessation of Business Name Advice
      • Pre-Training and Business Set-up Manual
      • Training Kit Authorisation
  1. Completion of Franchisee Sale
    • Returned by Franchisee
    • Franchisee Contact Form
  2. Store Fit-Out Manual Template
  3. Pre-Training Manual
*Legal consultation is highly recommended and addressed below.
Along with the kit comes four one hour consultancy sessions with Colin to discuss the finer details of your franchise, and to ask for advice on your franchise system.  Colin is an expert in the recruitment stage of franchising and will be able to share proven methods to ensure your investment in your franchise is well worthwhile.
The DIY Franchising Kit is valued at $11,997+gst.  
When researching developing your own franchise you will have received many quotes, and realise what great value this proposal is.  To build on this the generally quoted $30,000 plus dollar investment in legal consultants can be lowered to nearer the $10,000 mark when working with the DIY Franchising Kit.  A leading franchise legal company in Australia recognises the benefits of the thorough and clean layout of the DIY Franchising Kit and are prepared to slash their fees to approximately $10,000, due to the man hours saved in finalising the franchising documentation.  A HUGE SAVING.
Don't for a minute think this is a kit that you buy and never hear from them again.  You are not on your own.  The kit is the starting point, which will allow you to thoroughly build your franchise system, one step at a time, and most importantly you will thoroughly understand your franchise system at the end - as you built it!  
The legal side has been mentioned as you should not complete your franchise without legal consultation, to protect yourself, your franchisees, and your asset - the system.  Solid legal advice is a must.

Colin is happy to discuss franchising and your business with you.  
    Colin Mackie - Email: info@enterprise21.com.au