Jenni Ryder from United Home Services

Date: OCT 8th, 2013

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight

"I'm proud of listening to myself!"

Back in July 2008 which seems forever ago now, I was thrust into making a decision about my future because I had been put out of work; something that had not happened to me before. This now seems to have been a catalyst for me in more ways than one.

In August I decided after much thought and self-analysis that maybe it was time for me to pursue something for myself and that something was to look into going into business for myself. I was over working for other people; I knew I had the experience, intelligence, personal drive and a special ability to deal with people that could possibly work in my favour to attract business. I decided to purchase a franchise – whoa that word! How many people warned me NOT to look into purchasing a franchise? “If you’re going to go into business, you’re better off doing it yourself” they would say. “That’s going to cost you a lot of money Jen” others would comment. Well, I decided NOT to listen to the naysayers, and went with my gut feeling that this was definitely the right move for me and it seemed the right time. I couldn’t have been more right! And I’m proud of listening to myself!

Here I am now, eight weeks down the track and I’m in a position that I never expected to see myself in so soon. I was always confident that my business was going to succeed. I never doubted for a minute. I knew I was going to be tenacious in acquiring clientele and with the help of United’s 1800 call centre, the jobs began arriving quite regularly and with those jobs, clients and regular jobs at that. Then I began canvassing the local area including real estate agents and businesses. I am now in a position where my agents keep me busy with vacate cleans at least once per week (minimum), I have regular weekly and fortnightly home clean customers and I am now looking at continuing to grow my business into small commercial cleaning.

I believe that my confidence, personality and background in years of sales and marketing have combined together to offer my customers a Franchisee who is business-savvy and customer-friendly. I’m very proud of my achievements to date and I am looking forward to growing my United Home Service Cleaning business in the months and years ahead.

I can see that my positive outlook and personal drive are the forces to make my business successful. I enjoy the challenge of bringing on board a new customer and keeping them in these very tough economic times. Unfortunately this can’t always be done but I know that my customers are very satisfied with the service I provide and are happy to recommend my service to their friends, families and work colleagues.

I believe the decision to purchase a United Home Services Cleaning Franchise is definitely the best decision I’ve made and I couldn’t have considered this decision also without the fantastic support of my Regional Managers Bob & Pauline Bartlett. Their support, information, training and guidance has been the best I’ve had in years. In some cases even better than some of the businesses I’ve worked for in the past. They’re always available to answer questions and provide feedback and detailed information, especially in these early days when there can be so many questions to ask and everything is still so very new.

I attended my first Franchisee meeting in September 2008. This is an informal gathering of Franchisees and management and seems to be an excellent communication tool for all parties to exchange information and for Franchisees to meet and get to know one another. It was quite an eye opener to see so many people at this meeting and also very motivating that so many are keen to participate.

In summing up I’m very proud of my United Home Services Cleaning business and it is a pleasure to be part of a recognised organisation providing a complete home cleaning service.

by Jenni Ryder, United Home Services Franchisee