Circle of Love Wedding Business Review

Author: Tamara Sidwell

Date: MAR 27th, 2017

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight

Tamara is the Melbourne East franchisee and has been managing her own Circle of Love (COL) business for four years.

•   Why did you look at buying a COL franchise? Great opportunity to do something I have always been passionate about with having the convenience of working from home.

•   Did your expectations match what you have experienced? Why? Yes, the more work you put in to the business, the more you will get out of it. It takes time, but after my second season the business doubled in bookings, now reaching over 80 Weddings per year.

•   What do you love about your business? Working from home with flexibility, working with a variety of clients and building relationships with them. I love designing different ceremonies and applying them to appropriate venues.  Seeing the product from start to finish is very satisfying.

•   What do you dislike about your business? Wind….

•   What do you love about being apart of the Circle of Love Franchise System? Support from Director and other franchisees.

•   What are some negatives about being apart of the Circle of Love Franchise System? None

•   How has being a part of COL franchise benefited your business? Business was already established with a great reputation and website, generating lots of enquiries that I would not have received on my own.

•   How has being a part of COL franchise benefited you personally & your personal life? Fits into my current lifestyle as I have two young children and I can have a good balance between work life and personal life. I have the flexibility to work the hours and days that suit me and my family.

•   Where do you see COL going? Expanding to all parts of Australia and growing together to build a brand that is competitive and popular with clients and vendors.

•   Where do you see you going with COL? I would like to continue to build the Melbourne region to be a recognized brand in the industry with lots of followers and relationships with vendors.

•   What has been your biggest challenge with COL? Keeping up to date with trends and competitors.

•   How do you think COL can be better? We can’t really do too much more at the moment, but the more marketing the better.

•   How can COL help further your franchise? Creating new products and keeping up with the current trends and applying them to my business. Assisting with building relationships, marketing and ongoing support.

We thank Tamara for her feedback and for more information about the Circle of Love Wedding and Events franchises for sale visit their page and you can enquire about your area and ask questions from there.