Experimac Computer Franchise Review

Date: FEB 14th, 2018

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight

Neil is the proud owner of the Experimac store in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.  He walks you through his experiences of working with the United Franchise Group and building his own successful computer sales and repairs business based on the popular AppleĀ® products.

"I chose Experimac because I could see there was a gap in the market if you like. That there wasn't anyone in the market that already offers this sort of professional selling of preowned products as well as professional repair to the level that Apple can do, and in a much easier and faster environment

"Becoming a franchisee meant that I got the support of a large franchise group, and at the same time I was able to get into a franchise that's new, so then you've got the growth opportunities as well. You're part of the United Franchise Group which is a big group, so it gives us a lot of back up support." 

Effectively, we buy preowned computers from others who've used them, so we get the unwanted devices. We even pick up devices that are broken and don't function anymore, because we can use several computers and make a couple good ones out of them. And then we work on the basis of then being able to provide those to others. 

I am not a tech guy. In my past life, I was an executive in a mining company, so this is a complete switch for myself. You employ techs that can do the work, but in the three months that we've been open, I've learned a lot.

If you were thinking about getting a franchise, I think the best thing would be to have a very close look at this. Experimac is going to grow very quickly, and as I said, it's got a hole in the market that needs to be filled, and with more stores and more brand awareness, it's just going to become the place to go when you need to have these things done."

You can find out more details on the Experimac franchise for sale and enquire to speak directly with their team.  There are opportunities available across Australia.