One Touch Solution ⇒ New Home Based App Business Opportunity

Date: SEP 7th, 2015

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

An easy to learn home based business in the online industry has just been released to all areas of Australia.

Our Town Apps is a community focused, mobile online business model that is designed for the promotion of local business, community groups and clubs.  Anything that happens in your community, whether it be sporting, charitable or recreational, or where to go to get a hair cut or your tyres aligned, can appear on your very own community App.

While you generate a recurring income from local business advertising, the community will get behind your App and it will become a self promoting vehicle for your success.  Local emergency services will love the ability to get up to the minute alerts out to protect their community.  What a brilliant way to bring the latest technology to regional areas across Australia and promote your local region.

In this day and age we expect the answers to our questions at our finger tips.   Our Town Apps have embraced technology and enable forward thinking people to get a start in business with an exceptionally low start up fee.  While working this App business to suit your lifestyle and commitments, you can also enjoy low to no overheads, and an ongoing cashflow.  

We asked the Our Town Apps creator, Andy, what industries the licensees have come from and he replied with, "licensees have come from many industries ranging from a real estate agent and a fast food outlet owner, to an aircraft technician, social media provider, and a bottle shop attendant!  This App really is a suitable business system for anyone, and our training and continued support will ensure you find your feet quickly".

To have a first hand glimpse you can download the Townsville Insight App here, and listen to the Ipswich Mayor and their local App owner discussing their community App on the Ipswich local radio station here.

Are you going to be the one to create a buzz in your community?  You can find out more details and enquire to see if your community is still available here.

As word spreads it is easy to see that before too long every community will want their very own community App!