Huge Growth Potential Industry

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: OCT 25th, 2018

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

If you’re looking to be a business owner in an industry that has high-growth potential, you may wish to opt for a cleaning franchise. The hours and location are flexible, overheads are low, and depending on the franchise, you can either do the cleaning yourself, or be in charge of a team of cleaners doing the work for you.

But why cleaning?

Well, everyone does it. Every house needs to be cleaned, but because of work commitments, many people struggle to find the time or the energy to give their home a proper going over. The potential market for home cleaning, therefore, is huge.

It is non-seasonal also, meaning that income is steady throughout the year. People clean their houses all year round and the industry is not dependent on changing tastes and fads as in many other franchise options.

Owning your own cleaning franchise doesn’t have to be expensive either. Up-front costs are generally low, meaning you won’t have to put all your life savings on the line. You’ll find many a cleaning franchise for sale priced in the tens of thousands of dollars range as opposed to the hundreds of thousands you might need for other franchise offerings. What’s more, the ongoing costs are lower as you won’t need to pay out for the rental on a commercial space.

Not only are the hours your own to make - think weekends and holidays off, plus the odd extended vacation - but your cash flow will never be compromised. Most customers pay at the time of the service. You’ll never need to chase collections, meaning you’ll have money to invest in hiring, marketing and other investments to help your business grow.

You don’t have to be a master cleaner either, as in many of the franchises on offer you’ll be the boss in charge of finding and hiring the staff, managing the sales, clients and bookings. You’ll be in charge of the cleaning teams who will carry out a range of duties from dusting and vacuuming to carpet cleaning and ironing among other things. It’s up to you to find the right cleaner for the right job.

But fear not, as the franchises are there to help you. When you buy into a cleaning franchise, you get instant access to all the building blocks you’ll need to grow your business. From telesales and tools for employee training, to marketing and most importantly, a community of other business owners who share information and help one another out. It’s all there to make your life that little bit easier.

So if you’re tired of working your fingers to the bone making money for someone else, maybe it’s time to change direction and look for a cleaning franchise for sale. We have a whole array of different types to choose from and prices to suit most needs. Change your life today and take that first step along a lucrative road with a cleaning franchise.