Do You Have The Motivation For Business Success?

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: OCT 8th, 2018

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Having been in the franchise market for over 13 years, AND in the finance game for far longer, the Fifo Capital team can share a wealth of experience and knowledge from the cold face about why businesses succeed!
They see both sides of the coin, what makes new business owners a howling success, and what brings others completely undone.
We are in a position to learn from their experiences and observations, and hopefully escape some of the common mistakes often made when investing our hard earned dollars.

Their complete article can be read here: 'Business success depends on finding your motivation'

If you learn one thing from everything you read then it's worth it!

If your short on time here is a quick overview:
  • It's not always an easy road and business can be a taxing experience.
  • You need powerful motivation to sustain consistent time and effort for success.
  • It takes work to stay motivated.
  • Be aware of your motivations, identify them, and update as you go.
  • What would it take for your business to be a success - what is the goal?
  • Set clear goals so your success is measureable.
  • The link between stress levels and motivation.
  • How to prevent cashflow from becoming a stress point in your business.
  • Daily work routine is crucial to reduce stress levels.
  • Environmental influences on stress, the importance of a healthy, positive work place.
  • The important keys to working with others.
  • What motivates you will be different to the next person, or even your business partner.
Following these guidelines shared by the Fifo Capital team will help you to visualise your goals for a smooth and successful path forward. 
I highly recommend reading the entire article and taking it on board before you invest in your next business.  Here's a quick link: 'Business Success Depends On Finding Your Motivation'
What's your motivation that will drive you to success?