From Full Time Work to Success as Your Own Boss

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: OCT 24th, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Three years on a franchisee shares his story moving from six days a week to planning his own time.

Grant has been the Safe Power Test and Tag franchisee in the Canberra and Goulburn area for the past 3 years.  He services the electrical and fire safety needs of mainly commercial businesses, however can service households also.

Grant was a mechanic by trade.  After many years he grew tired of the work, the demanding hours on the job and working six days a week, and decided to look for something different.  His expectations on life had changed and he now has a young family which he would like to spend more time with.  During his search for the perfect business he came across the Safe Power Test and Tag franchise for sale and he thought it ‘looked interesting’.

He went on to divulge “it was the chance of being my own boss, it gave me more time with my family and it just gave me more time to do what I had to do.”  We delved deeper into his progress and discovered that financially he is accomplishing a similar income with an enormous lifestyle benefit.

The work week looks extremely different, with a mixture of half and full days servicing customers, and the remaining time free to spend with his young family, or to grow his business and earn more.  These choices are not possible when working for someone else, and is the main reason Grant is completely satisfied being his own boss.

In regards to marketing his test and tag and fire safety services, “when I first started,  I got marketing through Roy, but from then on I do it myself. Most of my clients are repeat clients”, so the growth flows on with time and there is consistency of income for the business.

Grant would recommend the Safe Power Safety Systems franchise to anyone who is interested in that line of work, and looking for a positive lifestyle change.  His clients are primarily commercial businesses at the moment and he manages them easily by following the business system.

He openly admits when asked if this test and tag franchise has met his expectations as a business, “Yeah, it absolutely has. It's actually gone better than I thought it would.”

When we searched for some advice for those looking for the perfect franchise investment Grant had some good tips, “You've got to be careful what you're looking at and make sure that what they promise you is actually what you get, because there's some with hidden costs and hidden catches that you don't see first up. That wasn't the case with Safe Power though. Safe Power was really good.”

Safety in the workplace and at home is paramount, and Grant is experienced and ready to ensure your business has its electrical and fire safety checks up to date. 

If you are in the Canberra and Goulburn regions, Grant can be directly contacted on 0438 231230, or you can find out more about the Safe Power Safety Systems franchises for sale and enquire to speak directly with Roy Ridge the franchisor.