How A Franchise Sceptic Becomes A Franchise Advocate In Just 7 Weeks As A Franchisee

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: OCT 18th, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Earlier this month we spoke with new franchisees Robert and Geanie Bell, and we were inspired by their honesty and success already achieved in the first 7 weeks of being a franchisee with SafePower Safety Systems.  They never thought they would be a franchise owner having established a negative perception of the industry as a whole.

They have jumped ship, so to speak, with the help of Roy Ridge, an honest and inspiring franchisor.  This one changed my mind, and I would recommend this to anybody that wanted truly to run their own business under a franchise banner” shared Robert.

It was not necessarily that they were looking for a Test and Tag franchise for sale to invest in. The core driver of their search was to find a business that held no hidden surprises, and was offering a solid return for hours spent.  They were also driven to find a flexible model they could work into and throughout their retirement.  The idea they could map out their own work week, and, ultimately, their generated income, was extremely appealing.

Earlier this year Robert and Geanie were walking down a Santa Cruz beach in America and came to the life changing decision to retire.  Upon returning home and taking up their new lifestyle as retirees, two months down the track they wondered “what are we going to do now?”   They opened the door to the world of opportunities and began their search.

My son suggested investing in a franchise as we both have a background in business and mechanical engineering. I made inquiries--I didn't like the first two I spoke to, but when I spoke to Roy he was more open and receptive than the previous two so we progressed from there. I found that when I saw his business structure it was a very sound business model, where it is truly you own business.” 

Geanie’s past experience also contributes to the business… “my background has been primarily in the electronic components realm for the past 30 some odd years, where I was customer service and site sales support administrator, so our skill sets matched together with this” (SafePower Safety Systems franchise).

The initial training “was five days, but is always ongoing as I can phone Roy anytime”.  Robert went on to say with his background in OH&S, combining both the SafePower Safety Systems franchise training and previous experience, has ensured they are competent in their business from the outset.  He is excited that  “it's fully mobile. I can run it from home, I can run it from my truck or I can run it out of a small office, either way. That's the beauty of it.”

When we quizzed them both on who would be best suited to the franchise they “would recommend somebody getting involved in this business who is very passionate about safety. And, we’re not exclusive to servicing businesses--we also have domestic packages. where we can provide safety in both the work place and home environments.  We're both very passionate about that.”

“It's amazing how many people have a fire blanket and/or fire extinguisher in the home and they don't know how to use it. We do smoke alarm testing, and if I ask them do you know how to use it, in most cases their response is No. Then we offer to show them how to use it and gain confidence.”

We also test all appliances and electric outlets in their home, making sure everything they're using is safe.” shares Geanie.

When we discussed the franchise system as a whole, and their local area of Knox City in Melbourne, they are confident their own network, and the SafePower marketing supplied, including new client leads, will sustain and grow their business.  They generated a new client while completing their last job, which comes from being competent at what they do, and networking well with those around you. The overall brand is growing in strength as“Roy is the kind of person that wants to keep expanding, and he's selective enough to assure that he has the right people in place. He's always trying to enhance the business in every which way that he can to make it more profitable and get the name out there. That's the reason why we really enjoy working with him.”

It was enlightening for us to hear feedback about a franchise opportunity which we are honoured to promote and share with new business investors like Robert and Geanie.  We would like to thank them for their time and sharing their experiences as new SafePower Safety Systems franchisees. 

If you have a business or home in the Knox City/Melbourne area and would like to ensure your safety, then Geanie and Robert are ready to bring their expertise to you.

They can be contacted directly on 0402 412 175, or you can find out more details about the SafePower Safety Systems franchises for sale and the availability in your area.