3 Reasons You May Have Lost Your Franchise Mojo And How To Get It Back

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: NOV 10th, 2015

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Maybe you don’t call it mojo, but you immediately knew what we meant when you read the title – you have lost your passion for your franchise that you have invested your heart, dream and hard earned funds in. And no matter where you look you can’t find it. Stop worrying help is at hand. Not only will we identify why you may have lost it but also how to get it back.

Firstly let’s look at your expectations with buying a franchise. Chances are you intended to make lots of money, build a great business, and maybe even take on another location once you were firmly established. So what happened to your dream? Chances are:

1.   You underestimated the initial amount of hard work required to kick things off. For sure and for certain, the franchisor was very clear about your expected work load and maybe you thought you could cut corners, which in the end only came back to bite you.

2.   You thought that your way might be better than the franchisor’s way, so you started to make little changes here and there to your menu or your services. The only problem was that you caught your customers unaware and when they didn’t receive what was advertised, or what they had last time they visited you, they complained. And then you opened another whole can of worms.

3.   Your work/life balance has gone out the window. Your golf clubs are gathering dust in the garage, you have not exercised for weeks and you are feeling flat as a tack and very disillusioned with life in general.

Basically you have lost your mojo. Don’t panic, you can get it back in a couple of hours (or less) in 3 easy step.

1.   Give yourself an hour of uninterrupted time. This can be at 5 a.m., 10 p.m., basically whenever you can fit it in. Preferably this hour is away from your workplace, to avoid interruptions. You might even call this your mojo building hour.

2.   Take a blank sheet of paper (the bigger the better) and divide the page into 4 equal portions. In the top left portion, start writing down all the reasons why you invested in a franchise in the first place. If you need extra space, just add more pages. In the top right hand portion, write down all the reasons why you invested in THIS franchise and not one of the others that you looked at. Be as detailed as possible.

 On the bottom left portion, write down the names of people in your franchise group who you admire, who have successful franchises or who are part of the management/support team. Highlight the names of 2-3 people you can contact this week for a pep talk.

On the bottom right hand portion, write down all the things you have done in the last three months that are left of centre of the franchisor’s turn-key systems. No matter how small. Once you have completed this section – put a cross through it. You will never again do these things, because they help you lose your mojo.

Then spend at least 15 minutes re-reading all these comments.

Now mentally draw a line in the sand this moment and decide to focus on the top right and top left portions.

Your franchise is not the problem, you are the problem, you got off track – temporarily, and you lost your mojo.

3.   Your solution - Go back to the basics. Your franchisor has provided a turn-key operation with initial and ongoing training, policies and protocols, a marketing plan, alignment with strong branding and ongoing support – and it is only a phone call or email away.

 Next time you start to lose your mojo,

remember these basic steps and reignite your dream.