Customers Achieve Weight Loss In First Visit

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: NOV 27th, 2017

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Would your customers be raving fans if they lost weight in the first visit?

 What sort of weight loss are we talking?  There is living proof of 3kgs in one hour!

MASSIVE weight loss market - this business opportunity aligns directly with any health, fitness, beauty and well being centre.  It is a highly profitable package of services and products that can go it alone, or compliment your current services.  Achieve complete member loyalty.

If you have a fitness club where the customers are getting fit and struggling to get the kilos off, or a health clinic that is missing the nutrition and weight loss expertise, this business will fill the gap, bringing instant results to your customers and have them coming back.  Your bank account will thank you too.

Beauticians will achieve skin results that are not possible while only treating the external body.  You can offer a whole person cleansing experience and have customers with glowing skin years younger in appearance.  Other benefits include a healthy liver, loss of sugar cravings, combat eczema and psoriasis skin issues and much more.

The Digestive Health Clinics system of services can be learnt by anyone, and you will have the power to help people lose weight and feel great.

The services that produce these results include colon hydrotherapy, abdominal massage, infrared saunas, hypnotherapy, nutritional advice, and more to bring instant results.  Supported by nutritional advice and tailored supplements the Digestive Health Clinics opportunity is the complete packaage for you and your customers.

Whether you choose to compliment an existing business or set up your own clinic, the demand for weight loss is everywhere.  

After 22 years of managing digestive health clinics here in Australia, Anna is sharing her popular and proven knowledge, systems and products with other aspiring business owners, who want to make a positive difference in peoples lives.  You can own a business that not only is highly profitable, but makes you proud and can grow with you as your raving fans spread the word for you.

Find out more details about the Digestive Health Clinics franchise and get in touch to hear the opportunities that are available near you.