Social Media Training Workshops Nationwide

Date: NOV 18th, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Some businesses have done everything "they" recommended: they got a Twitter account or Facebook page. Added some content, and maybe even made a few YouTube videos. But strangely, the cash registers didn't ring (not nearly as much these people thought they would). Business are struggling to ‘make them work’, in other words they just can’t ‘make money’ or generate leads for their business.

One solution for this national knowledge-gap has arrived in the form of nationwide workshops with the launch of the comprehensive Facebook MAX Marketing for Business workshop.

“Everyone who attends this workshop will earn an A+ - I’ll make sure of it" enthuses Merrin Robinson, workshop architect and Facebook maven for Social Media Business Boosters. "During the workshop, you will get all your questions answered and learn a few new tricks. I can and will help you optimise your efforts in just a short time.”

The launch of this round of training workshops commits businesses to a competitive advantage - where learning social media marketing from the experts becomes instructive, not speculative.

"Anyone looking for training is looking for value and a point-of-difference and there just has not been overarching national training content, until now" explains Max Collins, Director of Social Media Business Boosters. "These workshops are customised, condensed, confidential and practical" explains Collins.

"The social media training session is prepared exclusively for you and your co-workers based on what you tell us about your audience, your business and what you are doing currently", Merrin Robinson says "If you’re serious about getting your business seen more effectively online this workshop is for you."

Sessions run DAILY during November and December.

Facebook MAX for Business workshop content includes:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Competitions
  • Content Optimisation
  • Fan Engagement
  • New/Optimised Facebook Graphics SUPPLIED FREE
  • Handouts and Extra Learning Videos FREE
  • Online Learning Forum/Networking Space FREE

The regular price for your Facebook MAX for Business workshop is $272.00. You pay only $232, or call for group discounts!

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The Australian network of Social Media Business Boosters means the organisation is holding these workshops every state, and in multiple locations.


Social Media Business Boosters training on Facebook is fantastic. I thought I had a handle on my facebook page but after attending their training I learnt so much. Merrin who facilitated, was clear and concise offering practical scenarios that showed the hows and whys and with excellent support worksheets I went away and implemented the training immediately gaining results very quickly.
- Kate Mather
Independent Franchisee

Merrin and Michael are living legends and provided great training through the week. The more they do the better.
- Mark Burton
Independent Franchisee

Mind blowing the amount of resources overall. Michael and Merrin – full marks! Lots to Learn….Cheers
- Ian Davies
Independent Franchisee

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