Part 5: Getting to work

Date: NOV 1st, 2012

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Every franchise system will have a training program of some sort. The bigger the brand the more involved these will normally be.

During this process, don’t be afraid to ask questions, even on silly things that you think are trivial.

If you have never checked off stock or received an order of food before….ask!

It is funny how its normally these silly things that end up being issues later for franchisees. These training programs are there to help you with every single aspect of running that franchise. Some things you might know, others you won’t. Better safe than sorry.

Your mindset at the beginning of the process is very important. If you go into something thinking you know it all, you will probably end up rubbing the franchisor up the wrong way. Remember you are going to follow their system, they are not there to learn yours!!

Stay positive, motivated and energetic. Ask questions, and learn all you can. Often you will find that if you want a refresher or more training you will need to pay for that so make the best of the opportunity to learn. Also bear in mind that you must know the system well enough that you can train your staff on it if necessary. So leave no grey areas, ensure you fully understand it all now.

Once the training is complete your franchise will begin. Keep the same positive attitude that you had in training. Don’t get angry or look for problems, try to resolve them and overcome any that may come along. You really have to become the entrepreneur now. Rather than getting bogged down in “why not?” you have to think about “what if?” and “how about?”

You are going to have to network, work hard, smile, give great service, be a strong manager, be pro active and understand that its is now very much up to you. All the systems in the world do not guarantee success.

You will also have to balance your personal life. Keep fit, give time to your partner and play with your kids.

Written by Elton Williams