Small Businesses Struggling with Social Media as Christmas Rush Approaches

Date: NOV 11th, 2011

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Over 20 licensees nationwide have been trained on the Gold Coast to create a nationwide network of Social Media Managers in Australia to combat business stagnation


Gold Coast, QLD, 10th November 2011   Social Media Boosters      today announced it has exceeded its goal to establish a network of Social Media Managers around the country before Christmas 2011.


Social Media Business Boosters Director, Max Collins said "this outstanding result for our network will help meet the needs of private enterprise in Australia throughout the critical Christmas trading period and into 2012.” Collins believes that nearly all business owners know they should be using social media marketing but don’t know how. "Our team are cutting edge social media marketing specialists and we are an Australian company with a business model that is most likely a world first.”


Once trained a Social Media Business Booster can step out and help any business capitalise on the social platforms. “Very simply put, social media is where the customers are. This new opportunity allows you to own your own social media business booster marketing consultancy which is a real boost in a competitive retail and business market" Collins said.


Owner of a Business Booster licence, Alistair Bye said “Many businesses will reap the benefits of the hard work they have put in to Social Media. However Christmas in 2011 may not be so good for those who are not engaging in Social Media at a time when the bulk of consumer purchasing decisions are moving online. As a trained Social Media Manager we really are poised to help businesses get the most out of engaging with their customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.”


Unique to the Australian market, the business licence comes with a referral system, whereby depending upon where you are located the Head Office gives you customers and companies to follow up from a stream of client enquires to fulfil.

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