OH&S Laws Ensure Success of Australia’s Leading Non Slip Provider

Date: NOV 9th, 2007

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The ever-growing push for a safer work environment for Australian workers has ensured the success of Australia’s leading anti-slip provider, Grip Guard Non-Slip. With slip and fall incidents being the 2nd largest workplace accident, employers are obligated to ensure that their employees are protected from these injuries and that their business is protected from the risks of resulting litigation. OH&S laws stipulate that employees must ‘provide and maintain…a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.’ Workers compensation premiums are on the increase and they skyrocket for any business that experiences slip and fall claims.

Because of the increasing pressure on businesses to ensure the safety of their workers, Grip Guard Non-Slip is meeting this growing demand by appointing additional operators throughout Australia. Greg Carr, the director of Grip Guard Non-Slip explains:

‘The reason for our growth is simple: Slippery floors are everywhere and businesses cannot afford the risk involved in failing to address floor safety issues. Grip Guard has helped thousands of businesses to ensure that they meet floor safety standards by providing them with a safer non-slip surface as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that employees are protected from the dangers of slip and fall injuries. The major names in the industrial and commercial sectors choose Grip Guard as their anti-slip provider because of its longstanding reputation for excellence and the guarantee we offer to our clients. It is for this reason that Grip Guard is also the preferred supplier for many government institutions.’

When researching business opportunities it is essential to look for a ‘business with a background’. Background information may include: the length of time a company has been in business, the reputation of the business, the growth rate of the company, the support offered by the company and probably most importantly, the satisfaction of those already associated with this company. Greg Carr explains that ‘Grip Guard is proud to be have been a leader in the non slip industry for over 10 years and attributes that success to its pursuit of excellence attained through having honest and respectful relationships between our company, our operators and our community.’