Why A Home Based Franchise Opportunity Can Be Your Ticket To Success

Date: MAY 18th, 2015

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

This is a huge topic and we will float some ideas here that are well worth contemplating.

Where to start - it seems to be the same old place.  How do I want to spend each day?  

So moving on after listing some industries and ideas there are also some other key questions that need to be asked - like: 
 - Can I motivate myself to 'go to work', whether it be the home office, or the internet area in the living room, or even the garage?
 - Am I organised enough to plan my day so that my home based business will thrive?
 - Do I have the knowledge to keep the company books up to date, ensuring debtors are motivated to pay on time, and get those BAS statements in on time?

Starting to doubt yourself?  Wait!  It could still be achievable so long as the home based business budget allows for a bookkeeper or financial administrator to keep the company books current and correct.

Or, there is another option.  A home based business that already has a proven system in place to follow.  It may also have either the admin done for you and automated (sounding pretty good!) or a program designed specifically for your business and 'easy to learn and use'.  So you ask 'how do I learn?'.  Well if you are keen on this home based business scenario then you may well be interested in a home based franchise opportunity.  These offer a tried and tested business plan, often including full training, sometimes with the admin side taken care of, and possibly offering finance terms as well. On top of this you can experience the daily life of the business you are about to invest in and build before you spend a penny.  Talking to and spending time with other franchisees of the chosen system is a totally worthwhile experience.

Yes, you would be running your own business, from home, but not alone!  The knowledge that you are a member of a larger community or network may well be enough motivation to ensure you do get out of bed and 'go to work', but still allow you to enjoy the perks of working from home and being your own boss.  Things like flexible work hours, accommodating family needs, no lost commute time each day, and the list goes on.... .  Plus, your are your own boss and reaping the rewards of your efforts directly. 

There will be a fee structure involved, and this should be clearly understood before investing.  Many franchises for sale will offer a flat monthly fee, some run on a percentage of turnover, while others may handle all of the admin and pass on the profits to you.  Just a matter of working out what suits you.

There are thousands of people looking for the ideal home based business for sale, and it often seems the ideal way to go.  It is a very different 'way of life' than the employee role of rocking up to work on Monday, and signing off again on Friday afternoon to only think of family and friends over the weekend.

A very different way of life that can be extremely rewarding for self-motivated and enthusiastic people.  Start doing your homework by checking through the home based franchises here and ask questions directly to the franchisors and franchise managers themselves.  If you have any questions about franchise systems then let us know through contact us.

We love to hear from people looking for the 'ideal' business and enjoy hunting for the perfect franchise for sale.