Get In Quick As Inkspot Breeds Success


Date: MAY 1st, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The franchisee numbers have grown from 11 to 23 in the space of 12 months. These have been across the country including, South Australia, Victoria, NSW in city centres and regional areas, and Qld in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  The Inkspot franchisor has been very proactive in negotiating with shopping centres to enable new franchisees to keep their costs down and get a solid start. 
Whilst all outlets are experiencing strong growth in sales, the Helensvale outlet on the Gold Coast, which was established 6 months ago, is the best performing franchise. Tuggerah in NSW is close on their heels and this is the most recently established franchise. This shows that with great customer service, products, and a full proof franchise system, Inkspot can ensure fast success for their recruits.

How can Inkspot achieve this? Well, Ink and toners are thankfully ubiquitous...every household has a printer, every business has printers, thus when the economy is strong people use ink, and when the economy is weak people still use ink. This is supported by the increasing demand in the global and Australian markets. Inkspot also appears to be some-what immune to the impact of the internet on retail sales. As people tend to run out of ink whilst they are printing, they need Ink (or toners) straight away. The location of Inkspot Kiosks outside supermarkets in major shopping centres ensures they are very conveniently located to meet retail and business needs immediately.

Right now Inkspot has Centres across Australia that are desperate to get this National Franchise Brand in their Centres, and as a consequence are offering very good rentals and great contributions towards franchisees build costs. The Inkspot management team have been on a number of scouting roadtrips across the county looking at numerous shopping centres (there are around 460 major centres in Australia that are big enough to sustain an Inkspot franchise).
Within these Centres the Inkspot team looks for a location outside the shopping centre because before long everyone in the area, including businesses, will know they are there. Since the recent Q1 Success of the Bendigo Inkspot franchise, which won the Q1 National Performer Award (highest overall revenues), Inkspot is keen to get smart owner operators into other regional centres. These include locations from Mildura to Traralgon to Cairns. In addition to this the franchise has been offered great sites in mainstream Centres across Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sydney and Adelaide. Some are so good that Inkspot themselves will more than likely take them on as company owned franchises.

The Inkspot franchise opportunity demonstrates the strength of a proven franchise system working successfully with the commitment of both the franchisor and the franchisees. Lookout for an Inkspot franchise near you.