Salons Consistent Expansion


Date: MAY 1st, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The number of franchisees of Essential Beauty has followed beauty trends in recent times and moved upwards from 48 to 60 businesses. There has been growth in the heart of Perth, WA, and management are now targeting Queensland, NSW and Victoria.  In addition to this, the growing beauty franchise is keen to build upon its latest growth in Perth. 
With 65 outlets in their sites by the years end the demand for beauty professionals is certainly hitting new heights. News articles are consistently reporting the push from our population to defy ageing through non-invasive beauty treatments. Essential Beauty franchise is at the forefront in satisfying the needs of this market and the franchise opportunities available are set to meet these needs.
It is predicted that the cosmetic beauty treatments expenditure will hit a billion dollars by the year 2015, less than 2 years away. Positioned perfectly in the market place is Essential Beauty to cash in on this demanding market. Sales for non-invasive cosmetic procedures from 2012 were 20 percent higher than those for the 2011 year.  This is on the back of 15 per cent and beyond increases annually since 2008, supporting the observation that this is an industry set for strong growth and business success.
Whether it be a simple Botox treatment, hair removal, or the application of dermal fillers and various other cosmetic applications, Essential Beauty has the business model, experience and training to develop a highly competitive and profitable business.