Water levels down. Home services Up!!!

Date: MAY 14th, 2007

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

As Australia braces itself for more and more water restrictions, the home consumer is becoming more and more used to the idea of using professional home services. In most capitals you can’t wash a car with a hose or water your lawn.

Now we are even being asked to limit our shower times. In Brisbane the number of litres per person per day is now being monitored…how long till this happens in the rest of the country? And nobody has mentioned our pets!

Consumers are now turning to professional providers to perform a lot of the duties at home that they might have normally done themselves. Washing Cars and Washing pets is becoming big business as home owners all turn to business to help them save the environment.

From Waterless mobile car washing to pet grooming and cleaning using Hydro systems consumers are seeing the light and demand for these businesses is growing.

Companies like Car Care have seen an increase in demand for services as the demand from the consumer is growing to an all time high. And since not all car owners have time to drive and wait for a car wash, this mobile style of business suites a broader range of people.

U Be the Boss has noticed a large flux of inquiry for the car wash and for the pet care and grooming industry. People looking for business opportunities are looking more and more towards these types of businesses that will service the ever tightening water restrictions well into the future.

Once seen as a luxury, these types of services are becoming more and more the norm.

There is a lot of information out there now about the affects of our behaviors on the environment. We are all starting to all feel a personal moral obligation to protect our environment and to do what we can to save water.

This has lead to a very big opportunity in the market place to service our needs in the most environmentally friendly way possible. From the massive growth in businesses supplying water tanks to the new growth areas like water recycling, supply and water based services.

Its hard to see the water and environmental issues going away overnight and even if we do resolve some of them, it seems more and more likely that legislation will be put in place to maintain certain standards and practices. I don’t see us going backwards on the environment or one water use.

As the demand for these types of businesses increases the need for operators is also growing.

So here are a couple of things you might want to look out for if you are thinking about going into this growing market.

  1. Make sure the business you are going into is dynamic and is moving with the times. They need to have an environmentally sound business that can adapt to changes in legislation.
  2. Do they offer waterless solutions, or does the business recycle water? This is something that will set the business in good stead in the future.
  3. Do they have a track record? How long have they been operating. This is not a guarantee but I does indicate that a business can adapt and grow with the times.
  4. Is there a demand for that type of business in your area? Do your research on this one. Go to other businesses/ homes and see if they would use the service.
  5. What sort of technology is the business investing in? What sorts of technology will the brand invest in to help its franchisees stay cutting edge. Don’t get left behind.

There are a few options out there that make good sense and there are others that, unfortunately, unless they change very soon will not be around for long.

Use your common sense and do your research. This style of business is in growing demand and is looking to be the next big thing.