Why Buy A Franchise For Sale In Sydney

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: MAR 12th, 2019

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

If you want to start your own business but are worried about the risks involved, you might want to think about buying the franchise of an already established brand.

What is a franchise?

Owning a franchise is different from owning your own business because you buy into an existing business model; one that has been tried and tested, meaning it's more likely to succeed than a business you start from scratch.

Franchises normally come with a set way of working, which you need to follow, and a set of tools to help you get started covering anything from training to paperwork. Many franchisees are also offered ongoing business support.

As a franchisee, you pay the franchisor a fee for opening a business under their name / branding and ongoing fees which will vary depending on the agreement in place. You also need to agree to following their business model and to selling the franchise back to them if you decide it's not for you so they can sell it on.

Advantages of a franchise

Buying into a franchise rather than setting up yourself from scratch has plenty of advantages including:

- a proven business model

- ongoing support, including access to a wider network of franchisees who can offer advice and guidance

- brand recognition (potentially)

- higher rates of success (than other forms of new businesses)

There are also disadvantages, including:

- not being able to make changes to your business model

- being affected by poor performance from other members of the franchise

Buying a franchise

If you are looking for a franchise for sale in Sydney, there are lots of options, meaning you can look for businesses that suit your budget and your interests. Examples include, but aren't limited to:

- Cleaning: ACE Cleaning Services offer the opportunity for you to set up your own domestic cleaning service in Sydney (as well as other major cities in Australia) as well as a garden maintenance company. A $14,000 initial investment is required.

- Dog Grooming: If you don't want to clean houses, you could try cleaning dogs with the Aussie Pooch Mobile dog grooming service which is available for an initial investment of $15,000.

- Food: Those looking to get into the food business have lots of options from fast food (Burger Urge and Jon Smiths Subs) to caf├ęs such as the Coffee Emporium which have widely ranging initial investment levels of between $100-400,000.

Deciding on a franchise

Whatever franchise for sale in Sydney you buy, remember to look at a number of options before you make a final decision. Consider the price you'll need to pay, plus the return you'll get on your investment. Look, too, at the reputation held by the franchise and how well known it is; the greater the name recognition, the more likely it is to succeed. Finally, look at your competition. Are there any other businesses that operate the same / a similar model in the area? If so, how are they doing and how will your franchise stack up against them? Please explore our site for futher advice and guidance.

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