Busy Gold Coast Stepz Fitness Franchises For Sale

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: MAR 26th, 2019

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Starting your own business is full of risks. It can also be incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally, as well as financially lucrative if you hit on the right idea at the right time. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about yourself but are worried about what would happen if something went wrong and you didn’t succeed, buying into a franchise might be a good option.

The difference between a franchise and a start-up

Franchises are different from other type of business start-ups as you’re buying an existing way of working, one that is proven to work and make money. For a fixed price, and a low monthly fee, you receive all the information and support you need to set up a business quickly and easily.

Unlike setting up your own business, when you are successful and you want to expand, you’ll be able to purchase another franchise and know the system and have support to ensure it's a success.

The benefits of taking on a franchise 

In addition to the reduced risks associated with buying into a proven model, there are other benefits of taking on a franchise. You get ongoing support, for example, from both a central team and a network of other franchisees, many of whom will have had the same, or similar, experiences to yourself. You will also get brand recognition rather than having to build up a name for yourself - which can take time and have an impact on the level of profit you might make. Finally, you don’t have to have a ‘big idea’. Instead, you can choose an area that is of interest to you and your target market.

The benefits of a Stepz Fitness franchise

For those interested in fitness and looking for a business for sale on the Gold Coast, a Stepz Fitness franchise could be a perfect fit, especially as they already have three successful gyms operating on the Gold Coast. These gyms, which are open 24/7, are available for sale as a going concern, meaning an existing membership base and guaranteed income from day one.

Each gym has been running for over five years and are fully fitted out with all the equipment you need. The new owner will receive full training on all the equipment as well as the IT systems that ensure the gym is fully automated and can run with minimal effort, making it ideal for fitness lovers looking for a business for sale on the Gold Coast who don’t have a lot of industry experience.

Based in busy Gold Coast suburbs, the gyms provide easy access for clients who receive individual support from personal trainers and full use of state-of-the-art equipment worth more than $500,000, making it attractive to new and existing members.

The equipment and training come as part of the buy-in price for the franchise, as does support with marketing and advertising (which includes national campaigns). In addition to an initial payment, owner/operators pay a low monthly franchise fee; the rest of the profits are theirs to keep.

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