3 Financing Headaches Solved – Realise Your Dream

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: MAR 21st, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Sound too good?  Well it's not. 

You want to start your own business, have the drive, have the ambition, and the big banks are not helping with the funds.  Well the big banks are not the only ones who have access to finance for new and resale franchises.  There are other financiers who are personally involved in the franchise industry, and now have funds available and are looking to back you.

These finance companies can help with 3 major headaches:

1.     Finance Security – You may not have enough security, or the security you have you are wanting to keep separate from your new franchise.  There are facilities that will lend to you on a non-secured basis.  That’s right, you do not always need security.

2.     Finance History – Your last business was not the biggest success story, or you have not been in business before, and do not have history for the new business you want to buy.  If it is a new franchise the numbers just are not there.  This is where a franchise comes to the front of the pack.  As the system is proven, and has been duplicated over and over again, a financier can predict with more assurity the income flow and cash needs of the business.  The franchisor may also offer some guarantee, depending on the system you have chosen.

The training with the franchise team also secures your position if you are new to the industry, so that you have some expertise and knowledge on day one. Another assurity for the lender.

3.     Cashflow Pojections – This is yours and the financiers stumbling block.   When starting in a new business you will need all the cash you can get your hands on to promote and establish yourself in the local marketplace.  A good finance company can help you to make sure your cash flow projections are realistic, and that you will not run short.  This may include working your loan repayments to suit your short term cash flow, and to ensure your young business grows from strength to strength.

All of these points are well understood by the finance companies that we interviewed and are now happy to share with you.  There is a choice, as it is often as much about connecting with the finance person that you are approaching, as it is about the numbers.  With this in mind, you need a choice of services.  You may even have an offer from more than one financier, so you can then choose which service suits you the best.

These finance companies are either personally involved in the franchise industry, have already helped franchisees establish their own business, and/or are a partner themselves in a franchise style agreement within their organisation.  This puts them in the box seat to understand your needs, understand the strengths of your chosen business, and to tailor a package that is perfect for you. 

Yes, you will be paying interest, as no finance is for free unless it is gifted, and Yes you can have your very own business.  There is a way!

So quit scratching your head and knock on these doors that will open, will offer you expert advice, and will put a way forward in front of you. 

Franchise financing is now not a problem – View and get in touch with our selected franchise financiers