NANOTEK growth explodes in Europe


Date: MAR 18th, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Following the Nanotek franchise business launching in New Zealand and Russia recently, there have now been Master Franchise Agreements signed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Austria has its very own Area Developer Agreement in place.

The Czech Republic, Slovakian and Austrian operations will be headed up by Robert Emila ad Tomas Habanik based in Bratislava, Slovakia with operations scheduled to commence in March 2013.
“Nanotek offers a level of professionalism or technology that is unmatched in the market.” said Robert. “From day one we start with an international track record and momentum that is already building from other successful operations in Europe & Russia - this is a service that we believe will revolutionise car care in Eastern Europe.”
Back home, Nanotek is focusing on technology to drive its Australiasian business and set the benchmark for its global operations. Nanotek’s Australian and New Zealand operations have aligned with Vend to provide a mobile POS (Point of Sale) system to franchisees which will also serve as the platform for Nanotek’s customer management and loyalty programs.
“Mobile technology has made huge advances in the last few years.’ said Nanotek CEO Jim Cornish. “With our mobile POS franchisees can record customer details and invoice on the spot – this not only reduces admin time, it gives the franchisee a precise picture of their business in real time! From a head office marketing perspective, it means we can provide better support to our franchisees than ever before.”
However, Nanotek’s Business Development Manager, Adam Stone maintains that Nanotek’s core competitive advantage will always be in it’s unique service delivery model. “With our system not only can we literally wash a car anywhere, we can deliver a quality well beyond that of traditional car washing.’ Said Adam. ‘Plus if you compare us to the expense of a fixed site car wash or the limitations of a traditional mobile car detailer, our franchisees have both a financial and a reach advantage from day one.”
Nanotek Car Cleaning
Nanotek uses spray-on liquid polymer nano technology that encapsulates, lubricates and lifts dirt from the paint surface resulting in a high quality finish and a protective polymer coating that lasts up to six weeks. The process requires no water which means that Nanotek can clean a car anywhere (and saves 180L of water per wash based on Sydney Water figures).
Originally founded in Australia in 2004, Nanotek now operates in more than 12 countries around and the world and is one of the most awarded and fastest growing franchise systems in Australia.