NANOTEK makes top 30 in the 2012 BRW Fast Franchises list

Date: MAR 21st, 2012

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Nanotek Car Cleaning has been listed in the 2012 BRW Fast Franchises list, ranking 30th for outlet growth and 29th for revenue growth.

The 2012 BRW Fast Franchises list ranks franchises according to their average annual turnover growth over three years. Companies on this year’s list have not only proved their resilience and willpower during challenging times, they have increased their revenue and have continued to build on the growing Australian franchises sector.

“As Ecowash Mobile we were ranked no.3 in the 2009 list” said Nanotek CEO, Jim Cornish. “But since then we have gone through a full rebrand and completely reinvented ourselves, so we are extremely proud of returning to the list with such a high ranking.”

The 2012 BRW Fast Franchises edition includes a feature article on Nanotek citing the Nanotek’s rebrand as both a courageous and well timed initiative. BRW were so taken with the rebranding initiative they also featured Nanotek on their web TV channel - //

“When you grow quickly as we did it is tempting to leave everything alone and go along for the ride” said Jim. “But as a business we are constantly striving to improve every aspect of our operation – our rebranding was a well researched strategic initiative to improve franchisee operation and increase the value of their businesses.”

The success of the Nanotek re-brand has been emphasised by the company’s success in launching flagship fixed sites in both Saudi Arabia and Greece, all in the last 3 months, with a similar site soon to open in Russia.

“In terms of Australia our focus is on mobile operations” said Nanotek’s Franchise Development Manager, Adam Stone. “Our exclusive technology combined with our unique service delivery has created an entirely new market segment, car detailing delivery, and the opportunities are enormous, we just need more franchisees!!”.

The 2012 BRW Fast Franchises issue of the magazine is on sale as of February 23, 2012.

Nanotek Car Cleaning

Nanotek uses spray-on liquid polymer nano technology that encapsulates, lubricates and lifts dirt from the paint surface resulting in a high quality finish and a protective polymer coating that lasts up to six weeks. The process requires no water which means that Nanotek can clean a car anywhere (and saves 180L of water per wash based on Sydney Water figures).

Founded in Australia in 2004, Nanotek now operates in more than 12 countries around and the world (most recently launching in Russia, Belgium and Luxembourg) and is one of the most awarded franchise systems in Australia.