Grip Guard Non-Slip

Date: MAR 18th, 2008

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Slip and fall prevention has become a national health priority area. Therefore, it is not surprising that floor safety is a rapidly growing industry in Australia.

Australian Standards and Building Codes specify that floor surfaces in the home, in businesses and in public areas must be slip resistant. Non-compliance with these requirements is a serious matter.

Litigation is rampant and property owners, business owners, property managers and local councils are urgent to ensure that their homes, businesses and public areas are compliant with Australian Standards to reduce their risk of slip and fall injuries which can result in injury, disability and sometimes death.

Slip and fall injuries are the second largest workplace accident and cost Australians over $3 billions per year.

Grip Guard Non-Slip directors have been in the floor safety industry for over 10 years. Grip Guard Non-Slip is the largest non-slip provider in Australia with an outstanding client base here and overseas. The company is Australian owned, its non-slip treatments are manufactured in Australia, and all products and services are back by an Australian warranty.

Grip Guard Non-Slip is looking to appoint additional Grip Guard Licensees to ensure that all areas of Australia are adequately serviced. The Grip Guard business opportunity allows Grip Guard operators to either work from an office location or from home. The profits margins are outstanding and the business allows operators to adjust their work schedule to suit their situation.

Grip Guard Non-Slip offers its operators a turn-key business opportunity - all necessary hardware, chemicals, manuals, promotional materials and training program are included in the Grip Guard License Package. This is a rare opportunity to establish a business with a minimal capital outlay and an outstanding return on investment.