Grip Guard: Tick your way to Business Success

Date: MAR 9th, 2007

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The biggest difference between a business that is successful and one that is not is often the clarity and foresight of a company’s business plan. It is difficult to determine whether a business will be successful before it is up and running. This is why more and more prospective business owners are choosing businesses with a track record. Gripguard, the world’s largest anti-slip provider knew from its inception that it had the right product but was equally aware that the right product does not always ensure success. A sound business plan was essential to the company’s success.

Grip Guard has a remarkable track record that has contributed to its amazing growth over the past 15 years. Grip Guard Australia’s managing director, Greg Carr explains:

‘When I decided to establish Grip Guard in Australia, I was fully confident of its success. Grip Guard was well established in the USA, as well as other countries, its business plan was sound and its track record spoke for itself. With an impressive client base in the government, commercial, industrial and residential sectors, we were convinced that we would experience similar success ‘down under’. I have enjoyed watching Grip Guard Australia’s growth over the past nine years and have never looked back. We have established ourselves as the biggest and most respected anti-slip provider in Australia and have a fantastic group of Grip Guard operators throughout Australia…many of whom have become great friends as well.”

When choosing a business, prospective owners should ask themselves:

Will this business satisfy my personal goals?

Every prospective business owner will have a different list of personal goals. Are you seeking a certain income level? Do you want to grow into a larger company or would you prefer something small and self-sufficient? A Grip Guard License allows operators to decide for themselves what they want out of their business. Operators are free to work self-sufficiently taking on only as much work as they can handle and are likewise free to employ/contract additional labour if they wish to expand their business.

Will this business allow me to achieve my desired income level?

Prospective business owners should determine the income they need/desire before choosing a business to ensure that the business being considered has the potential to support these needs and desires. The best way to determine earning potential is to investigate the earnings of others in the same business. Of course, this will vary as personal factors such as motivation, skills, confidence, and the amount of time the business owner devotes to his operations. Income can also be affected by the level of support offered by a parent company. Grip Guard operators’ incomes vary significantly as some operators are semi-retired and others, who work on a full time basis, earn well in excess of $100,000 per annum. Grip Guard operators are fully supported by Grip Guard Australia with a comprehensive training program covering both technical and marketing strategies as well as an extensive advertising campaign aimed at the industrial, commercial, government and residential sectors. Grip Guard operators also have access to a 24 hour technical advice hotline.

Will this business utilize my skills and interests?

Every business requires different skills and is best suited to those with certain interests. It is important to know what your strengths are and what motivates you to work – what you are interested in getting out of the business besides income? Greg Carr, of Grip Guard Australia explains what strengths and motivation are essential for a successful Grip Guard operator:

“We have operators from all walks of life. Some have been employed for all of their working life and are looking for an opportunity to be their own boss. Some have always known that working for themselves is high on their list of priorities. Some are semi-retired and work for personal satisfaction rather than income. But there are also common personal characteristics that are found in our most successful operators. These operators are all motivated, focused on customer service and have pride in doing quality work. But above all, those operators who really excel are those who enjoy dealing with people. Our product is unrivalled and those operators who are love the day to day interaction with people tend to be the most successful. The big plus for Grip Guard operators is that they are providing a service that provides a safer environment for the public, for workers, and for family members. People are thankful for the peace of mind provided by Grip Guard anti-slip protection and our operators gain the personal satisfaction that comes with working in the health and safety industry.”

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