7 Tips To A Hassle Free Shop Fitout

Author: Roger Honeyman, Shopfitting Expert

Date: JUN 1st, 2017

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

7 points to avoid and to consider in order to make your new shop fitout as hassle free as possible.

Creating a completely new franchise store does not need to be a harrowing experience. It can be exciting and even pleasurable providing you follow these rules:

  1. Using a shopfitting company that can provide you with some references to show that they have done similar work and can meet your requirements so the job will run smoothly. Select Shopfitters Australia (SSA) over the past 30 years have successfully fitted out fast food stores, restaurants, book stores, ice cream stores, bakeries, pizza stores, estate agents offices, variety stores, grocery stores, legal offices, and many more. Their experiences are many and varied.
  2. Use a company that can undertake all the work for you themselves. (Some shop-fitters may sub contract the cabinetmaking, partitioning, counters and benchtops etc. to other companies). Don’t accept cheap substandard work. Your fit-out by Select Shopfitters Australia will last for years because they use only quality materials and professional workmanship.
  3. Use a company that has a builder’s licence as well as a shop-fitters licence. (They can be responsible for the complete job, saving you time, money and maybe some anxiety). You won’t have to worry about other contractors, checking prices, scheduling their work, or whether the job has been done satisfactorily.
  4. Make sure that you, (the franchisee); the franchisor and the shopfitting company each understand what is to be done and when it is to be finished. The franchisor may also leave some aspects of the shop décor to you. Make your decisions regarding colours etc as soon as possible. Select Shopfitters Australia can help by suggesting some ideas based from their vast experience in what works and what doesn’t work.
  5. Consider the pricing for the job. Don’t necessarily take the cheapest quote. Some companies may quote low to get the job and then try to tell you at the completion, that there are extras that you will have to pay for, making their finished price considerably higher. Select Shopfitters Australia will provide you with a finished quotation for the job. Any changes or extras required after the contract has been arranged will be requested and approved only by you in writing before the change is undertaken.
  6. Give the builder time to complete the work. Usually 4 weeks for a retail outlet is reasonable and 6 weeks for a franchise food store. The time to completion should be detailed in your construction agreement which will allow you time to start arranging staff for your store.
  7. Ask the builder about their worker qualifications. Some may use “labourers” to keep cost down. Select Shopfitters Australia employs only trade qualified people (plus the apprentice who is undergoing training).


The quality of the fit-out can have ramifications on the useful life of your store. If the fit-out is done well, your store should look good for many years. Cheaply done fit-outs can make a store look “tired” after little use.

Lighting, signage, décor, accommodation (tables, chairs etc) are all very important aspects to consider for your new store. If you haven’t been involved in a new store fitouts before, these can be quite daunting as what you select can have a vast effect on how well your store trades.


Select Shopfitters Australia is very experienced in these fields and can greatly assist you to:

  1. Give you what you want.
  2. Make sure that what you choose will be best for your store.

It is interesting to note that Select Shopfitters Australia also has a company that can create beautiful hard wearing and non-staining Staron acrylic benchtops and countertops for you in almost any colour or shape.

They can also make most acrylic or plastic signs to specifically suit your store to make it look attractive for many years.


One of the very necessary areas of design and shopfitting is to have good knowledge of the many various regulations and standards relating to both food preparation and to public safety. Select Shopfitters Australia will apply these regulations and standards to the plans provided by the franchise company and will also apply them to your own plans before the job is started. They can advise you on the requirements to assist you to make decisions regarding layout, seating, floor type, back of house equipment etc. These would include fire safety, food preparation, public safety, store and staff security and so on. Such things as counter height and width, back lighting, staff and public observation, evacuation & fire safety etc. can be factored into your design by SSA.

SSA likes to consider the job they are doing as if it were for one of their own family and treat it accordingly. They are sure you will be well satisfied.

You can get direct contact details and more about SSA at Select Shopfitters Australia.