Can I Manage The Kids And Run My Own Money Making Business?

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: JUN 6th, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

YES, Here is ideas of how you can have your own franchise business plus a happy family.

When it comes to raising kids and managing extended family commitments, self employment is the perfect way to create the flexibility you need to keep up with school holiday breaks, odd sick days, and sporting commitments.

With childcare costs on the rise, and many of us wanting a true home break for our kids in the holidays, there are PLENTY of options to bring in the cash.

So what do active parents need from an ideal business?

1.   Consistent income that generates while we are not there.

2.   Commitments to appointments that can be self regulated.

3.   Income we can budget on.

4.   Work smart, not long hours.

5.   Ongoing support and training.


A franchise opportunity offers all the support and training and experience to help you learn how to manage your family and your business successfully.  Here are some options -

Home based: When managing a business from home you free yourself from the commitment of retail hours, and lower your business overheads and travel time.

➤ Vending:  A few hours per week and you sell products or services even while you are sleeping.

Business Coaching:  Set your schedule for the weeks during school term.  Work with business management in environments and on salaries you are accustomed to.

Finance Provider:  Set your own schedule for school hours and generate income daily from supplying loans to small and medium businesses.  Daily interest adds up, and for initial sales could roll over into a relationship spanning years!

Cleaning:  Ability to work school hours in a low stress environment.  Contractors may need to step in for the holidays as cleaning is a continued commitment, but with flexible hours and an income you can depend on. 

Distributorships:  Licenced opportunities that are mostly operated from home.  They may be in the supply chain of a product, and/or carrying out a service.

Service related businesses that are a non-retail environment i.e. cleaning, real estate, dog washing, gardening, childrens’ entertainment etc.  More and more franchise systems are entering the marketplace every month, especially in this space.

➤ If you aspire to something BIGGER, then consider owning a Master franchise.  That’s right, become the franchisor. 

With previous experience in management roles prior to the ‘family growth years’, you can now use your expertise and realise your dream as a business owner.  Why should parenthood mean a step backwards?

A bigger investment, yes, and a outcome where you have a network of franchises driving growth, and your not working IN the business but ON the business.

This brings with it full flexibility in hours and consistent income, that will grow as you sell more franchises, and thus, more products or services.  Own a national, or even international, business network of which you receive a percentage of the overall income.

As you can see there are so many home based, flexible franchise models that are ideal for a family – work life balance.  Keep an eye on this space as more opportunities come up for sale.

And most importantly – don’t stop looking.  It is astounding the number of new franchise, distributor and licence opportunities that come onto the market each year.