A Personal Account of the Search for a Business Opportunity

Date: JUL 13th, 2014

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Looking for a full time or part time business opportunity, something you can sink your teeth into and watch it grow and prosper?  This sounds an easy and fun task but can quickly spiral into a state of confusion!

Suddenly there are business opportunities a plenty, and you think you have the perfect one.  What looks good about it? The profit, the growth, the work hours?

There are a lot of factors to consider and a great place to start for us was to make a list.  Sounds simple and mundane but believe me, it has paid off!

My husband and I have worked together in our own business for 15 years.  Through the growth of our family and the need for specialised education we made the difficult decision to sell our pride and joy, our business, move interstate, and look for a new start.  

With some capital behind us we thought finding a business would be a breeze.  Not so!
We were open to just about anything that looked interesting, made a handsome profit, and taught us something new.  It took us just over 2 years to find a business, which ended up being 2 businesses.  One each, and we are 18 months in.  The road has been bumpy.  The picture you are given does not always ring true once you take over the helm.  But one thing has helped for sure.  We are part of a franchise group, and also have distributor rights for a fantastic line of products.  

We could speak to others promoting the same brand/products to get a honest account of what makes the business work and perform well.  We both received training when starting up, and this was put in place by the franchisor/supplier.  Head office are there to answer our questions, offer support, and keep our services current and in line with fast developing technology.

So the question is, "What franchise opportunity did you invest in 2 years down the track?".  Mine was this online franchise directory "franchiseexpo.com.au", and my partners is an importation and distribution business which is his lifelong interest and passion.  

For me it was an obvious choice.  Who better to collate and market the information that "we" would need when looking to invest in a franchise or distribution opportunity.  The only trouble is that every franchisor and business owner that we speak with sells their business to me! 

So out comes the list and instantly I am reminded of why I chose this franchise business and how it works really well for me and my family.  Yes, a happy franchisee!

The business for sale market is a mine field, even for the experienced.  It is exciting to make a fresh start in life and the structure and brand recognition a franchise and product distribution offers certainly made the process a lot easier, smoother, and successful for us.

All the best in your hunt for personal success and keep your list handy!!!