The ‘Feel-Good’ Factor

Date: JUL 16th, 2008

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The directors of Grip Guard Floor Safety have been ensuring the pedestrian safety of Australians for over 10 years. Grip Guard’s unique and remarkable non-slip floor treatment, Grip Activator, has been helping homeowners and businesses ensure that slippery floors do not present a slip and fall hazards to the members of our community – in the workplace, in public areas and in the home.

Grip Guard operators enjoy working in a business that helps to keep our communities safe. There is nothing more rewarding than providing services and products that improve the quality of life for Australians.

There is no doubt that the ‘feel-good factor’ is one of the major reasons Grip Guard operators choose to be part of the Grip Guard family - studies show that one of the major keys to happiness is helping others!

Grip Guard operators have the satisfaction of helping the aged feel more confident moving about in their home, knowing that there floor safety issues have been addressed. They appreciate the feedback from employers who are relieved that they have been able to create a safer work environment for their employees. They enjoy working with councils to ensure that public pedestrian areas are safeguarded to protect the public from the dangers of slip and fall injuries.

Recently, Grip Guard has introduced its full range of access solutions for the visually impaired. These floor/ground safety solutions allow the visually impaired to feel safe outside the predictable environment of their homes. Imagine how life is for those who are unable to see. Tactile ground surfaces indicators are essentially a tactile cue system that allows the visually impaired to feel the important things around them - bus stops, tram stops, escalators, ramps, stairs so that they can navigate these areas safely and confidently.