A Food Franchise Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Date: JAN 21st, 2015

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

It is not often that you can get presented with the chance to enter into a franchisor position, with the expertise and experience of the business founder right along side you, and at an affordable price tag.

This is the case right now with the founder and owner of Under Wraps Franchising Pty Ltd actively looking for a working or silent business partner.  You will be able to cash in on the business growth as franchisees spread across the country, with potentially an Under Wraps café franchise in every town and suburb. 

Food franchises in Australia are immensely popular and traditionally can be very successful.  The market share potential of Under Wraps cannot be underestimated with other similar café franchises proving immensely popular with new franchisees and customers alike. 

In addition to this, the health market is also booming.  Under Wraps offers its patrons a healthy fast food alternative, and is clearly very popular with a store already operating and significantly growing its sales annually.

So with a store fully operational, and multiple years records showing positive growth, this is worth looking into and seeing if it is the success you are looking for.

 You can find out more here and enquire directly to the owner of Under Wraps…