Franchise Business in 2013

Date: JAN 7th, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

In my investigations into franchise businesses recently I have begun to wonder what took me so long to look at this business model. It ticks so many boxes!!!

The franchise opportunities I have found on are well documented and concise in what they have to offer. I can inquire for more information from the franchisor directly, and have a clear path for support and most importantly the bottom line. What it is going to cost me.

Where in business do I get offered income guarantees while I get established and experienced in the trade? A business model clearly mapped out with the chain of goods and services supplied, but still the scope to add some personal touches and control my own time.

Above all it is personal security and reliable advice while making the step up into self employment.

I realised that if I found an opening in my local town for a product or service, I would be able to capitalise on being the first one in without the risks associated with a brand new business. The name and product may be already marketed to the public, and management techniques established. A new market without competition, and business and management support that is ready and geared to help me.

As an added bonus I discovered an interesting business financing fact. The banks seem to be more confident with their lending abilities for franchise businesses than with other self employed businesses. It makes sense. A business model for a franchise must have a positive and proven track record for at least two years before it can be registered to take on franchisees. Tried and tested. Once established it is tested with different management teams using the one system. A big door opener for the banks, and lets face it, the more help the better!

So the long and the short of my research lead me here to the home and newsletters of A one stop franchise business directory that constantly offers diverse, exciting and intriguing business opportunities to all the business people in the world that aspire as I do. That is to achieve personal and financial growth, AND get out of bed every morning to a job that we love!!! Quite simple really………..

H. Gleeson