Do high achievers make successful franchise owners?

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: FEB 3rd, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Today many high achievers are often attracted to franchising because they are bored with their day job and are looking for a new challenge. And the first quarter of the new year in their old job can sometimes trigger high achiever thoughts like:

·      “Why do I feel so unsatisfied with my work?”

·      “Can I survive another year of this?”

·      “Is this all there is?”

 Often the high achievers have won awards in their professions, been rewarded financially for their achievements and have travelled extensively and purchased many assets.  ‘They have ‘been there, done that and bought the t-shirt’. Yet many still have a longing and a passion to be their own boss and work for themselves.

And being big picture people, high achievers recognise very quickly, that the exciting part of joining an established franchise, whether on the ground floor for the newer start up franchises or the top floor well established franchises is that the sky is the limit.

High achievers get the big picture with franchising from day one - work hard and receive a huge reward for effort whilst being your own boss. Plus, they have the security of being part of a franchise family where all the groundwork has been done, systems have been tried and tested extensively and full training is included. They are taking a very calculated risk and stepping into living their passion. Yes, some of their workmates may tell them they are crazy, however, many will comment on the side,

·       “Well done, I wish I had your courage”.

·      “Keep in touch, I might buy one too”.

 Does this mean that only high achievers are successful franchisees? Definitely not.

However, many of today’s high achieving franchise owners, may not have perceived themselves as high achievers when they purchased their franchise. Yet they have become exactly that, within their franchise family within the first year or two. They go on to be acknowledged as high achievers and rising stars within their franchise group, win awards, expand their franchise and basically go on to receive accolades after accolade as their high achiever gene kicks in.

Yet they are rarely anything like the person they were as an employee. They have become their own boss and are living their passion as a true leader. They realised that having their old job really never allowed them to be the true leader that they have now become.

Many franchise owners will tell you that their turning point occurred when they realised that results are all about reward for effort. Once the franchising big picture penny drops, they identify seven big differences between having a job and owning a franchise business:

1.    They are now their own boss; the buck stops here.

2.    This is not a job, this is a business, their own business.

3.    Therefore, the future of this business is up to them, they are the key decision maker.

4.    They did not buy a job, they bought a business with huge growth potential.

5.     Within franchising there is always a reward for growth and effort, without question.

6.    The franchise they have bought into is the vehicle to create their big picture – be that creating a saleable asset, generating $X income per year or simply a flexible daily lifestyle that provides a comfortable lifestyle whilst managing their family and other commitments.

7.    The franchise world is truly their oyster – whatever they want to achieve is possible.

Whereas in the ‘old employee days’, jobs were perceived as low risk with guaranteed income/wages. Yet these days there are very few guarantees of long term employment. downsizing, retrenchment, takeovers and management buyouts add to this job shortage. Not to mention the pressure to achieve KPI’s, and do more with less.

Jobs are generally:

-       Inflexible in their work hours

-       Filled with well-defined work, that needs to be completed within a set time frame.  

-       A place where you can take a sickie when you want to – but you often took them because you were sick of the job, not actually ill.

-       Places where you are accountable to others, who may have very different agendas to you, which can lead to frustration and annoyance.

Is there any wonder high achievers are currently researching the franchise that is the right fit for them? They know in their heart they have what it takes to be a successful franchise owner. And if this sounds like you, having read this article you know what your next step is.

Embrace your drive, select the franchise that is right for you, and let your high achieving self shine.