True Stories About Real Life Workplace Issues Solved For Franchise Businesses

Date: FEB 10th, 2015

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

As your business grows, franchise or otherwise, so does the workforce and the headaches that are associated with people management.  Here is a true story that may ring a few bells and help you to manage and grow a happy, satisfied and productive workplace community.

Dave* thinks dealing with the people stuff for his franchise network is about as much fun as flossing his teeth. 

He is worrying that he is spending too much of his time dealing with people issues and not enough on growing the business.  Every time he tries to shift his focus, another problem crops up. 

First there was the safety issue with the flooring at the second site – employees were complaining that they were getting sore standing on concrete all day and he worried that one in particular was looking at submitting a Work Cover claim. 

Then there was the issue with Jodie*, who took maternity leave but her replacement was so much better and the manager didn’t want Jodie back. 

Most recently, he had received a formal complaint from an employee after payroll deducted from his pay to account for the two weeks in a row they had overpaid him back in November – and he was threatening to take legal action. 

All of this on top of rapid hiring to fill all the vacancies at the new sites, and ongoing performance problems with a number of employees. 

When Dave started the business, the people stuff seemed easy – the team comprised Dave, Dave’s brother, his Mum (to a lesser extent), and Dave’s best mate.  The team worked long hours for little reward but they were all happy and there didn’t seem to be any of the issues they were now experiencing. 

Since then, the network has grown to 40 sites and more than 200 employees but they still have no real system or process to manage employees.  Some job candidates are being interviewed at Group Office, some at local sites; some employees have contracts, some do not; very few employees are having any kind of performance review or discussion with their managers; and employee documents are stored all over the place (local computers, filing cabinets, email inboxes, etc.).  It’s all a bit of a mess to be honest and Dave is worried it is going to start affecting his brand.

Fast forward six months and Dave has implemented a fully customised version of Pharos HR across the network – a simple, web-based platform specifically designed to manage people issues for franchises.  He now has confidence that all employees have legally compliant contracts in place, all his franchisees and managers know and follow a standardised and legally compliant process for managing employees, and he has the confidence of knowing he (and his franchisees) have access to HR advice when needed.  Managing the people stuff has become simple, less time consuming, and more productive.  Morale is higher and new franchisees feel comfortable knowing there is a solid process and system in place.

Dave now has more time to enjoy his workplace, and the added benefits of higher productivity levels, and more importantly the increase in his spare time.

“Pharos HR is one of the simplest, most flexible, and cost-effective HR systems on the market for franchises.” – Ashley Clemmett (GM – Member Network Support, Laser Group)

Obligation free discussions are available with Dani at Pharos HR on Ph: 0419 597 614.  There are systems suitable for any business, including those tailored to franchisors and franchisees, to use in their daily operations.   

*name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual