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Date: FEB 5th, 2018

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Retail Fitout Expert Advice

The process for building a new store, office, restaurant, kiosk...

Successful projects don’t just happen, they are the result of careful planning and preparation, effective communication and informed decision-making. 
The time frame from start to finish for an average take-away food store is usually around 4 weeks but may be longer or shorter depending on the job. The SSA project manager undertakes one job at a time. 
We have fitted out restaurants, kebab shops, pizza stores, jewellery stores, supermarkets, various offices, real estate agencies, Asian restaurants, ice cream stores, hairdressers, kiosks in shopping centres, juice stores, coffee lounges, to name just some of the successful and varied work we have completed. Some of these have been in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland.  

We recommend working to a schedule such as:
1.Select Shopfitters Australia (SSA) will discuss your project in detail with you.         
 If you are taking on a franchise, then it’s very likely that the franchise company will supply you with plans and specifications. This will take into account the franchise owners requirements, council requirements, the requirements of the shopping centre where you are planning to be, workplace health & safety requirements for your staff, electrical requirements, plumbing needs, and of course the Australian Building Code. However, if you do not have pre-prepared plans and specification, or you are planning to build a stand-alone store, restaurant, office or kiosk, SSA will be glad to do this for you. We operate a modern CAD system for design and have very experienced building construction people doing the design / quotation work. 

2.Once step 1 is completed, SSA will undertake a complete audit of the proposed site, take photographs and note any specific or unusual features. From this, SSA can provide you with a quotation for construction of the complete store, right up to handover to you. Our quotation which will be fully discussed with you, will be for the complete job starting with an empty space, and finishing at the point of handover to you.  A schedule to suit you, our client, will also be developed. At the point of acceptance, a deposit is paid to SSA.
One of the major benefits that comes with using Select Shopfitters Australia is that our company is not just a licenced shopfitter, but is also a licenced commercial builder which not only allows us to do the shopfitting, but also allows us to project manage and take all responsibility of the job for you from start to finish. 

3.Next, SSA will appoint one of their qualified project managers to the job. He will be on site at all times and will control the progress of the job. A hoarding will be constructed to keep out unwanted visitors and to promote safety on the job. SSA will then manufacture all cabinets and shopfitting work, benches, counters etc. and also arrange for delivery and / or manufacture of all ancilliary equipment such as stoves, air conditioning, lighting etc. according to the schedule. Depending on the job, we may need to do some demolition of unwanted existing fixed furniture. 

4.The completed cabinets etc. will then be delivered to your site and installed according to the schedule which allows for plumbing, floor surfacing, electrical installations, plastering of walls and ceiling, installation of air conditioning, signage, tiling, painting etc Around this time, a progress payment is made to SSA.

5.This is the best part.  This is where we hand over the completed job to you. We do a walk through the store with you checking that everything meets your requirements. The store will be ready for occupation and trading. A final payment (less any retentions) will be paid to SSA and the keys will be officially handed over to you, the new owner. 

As you can see, the process for the fitting out of a new shop or office is not complex, although it does involve careful planning and scheduling. This comes from the thirty (30) years of experience that SSA has been shopfitting and building. We price each job competitively and this is proven by the large number of shops and stores we have built for many of the major franchises and retail stores literally all over Australia. We don’t get their work by being over-priced or over scheduled time. Our staff work at night as needed due to shopping centre requirements. 

Select Shopfitters Australia’s comprehensive project management service is focused on efficient processes, effective scheduling and reliable solutions. It’s a proven approach that ensures everybody is clear on expectations, time frames and desired outcomes.
A highly skilled team led by a dedicated, experienced Project Manager delivers every project. As your primary point of contact, your project manager is always on site to keep the project on track and identify and overcome any potential challenges your project may face.
We are a professional organisation, well qualified and capable of producing an excellent finished job.
If you would like to hear more, please contact our director, Darren Horton on (07) 4128 1766.