When Placing Vending Machines, Why Not Offer 4 Options?

When approaching a venue with a vending machine opportunity, why not offer them 4?

Blow 'n' Go have grown in leaps and bounds and increased their vending machine business options to build on the success of the Breathalyser Vending machines that they started distributing late in 2014.  They now also offer state of the art cigarette machines, ATM vending machines, and mobile phone charge stations.  Management have shared that they plan to increase the number of vending machine options for sale over the coming years, and that their business partners already invested will have the option to include these as part of their vending range.

When partnering with business owners the astute Blow 'n' Go team have recognised the role they play in keeping customers satisfied and comfortable at public social venues.  They have realised that people leave venues to access more cash (ATMs), or in the search for cigarettes, or in need of more power for their phone.  If these services are all conveniently offered in the one venue then the customer is content with their needs fully met, the venue owner offers a full service, and the vending machine owner is key in making this happen (while making a great income).  As a consumer we can see that offering public venues one stop vending solutions, that they do not have to manage, is set to be a long term success.  

The path has been tried and tested as in late 2014 Blow 'n' Go launched a breathalyser distributorship opportunity to the public.  They planned to spread their breathalyser machines throughout Australia, and the first half of 2015 has seen nearly 400 machines sold.  During 2015 they have expanded their product range and plan to continue to offer new vending opportunities to their investors in the coming years.

Demand has proven to be strong from consumers and commercial outlets, with 30 distributors having joined the company already.  South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory have master distributors assigned.
Sydney and Melbourne are still up for grabs, with endless placement opportunities throughout these capital cities.  Yet to spread throughout regional areas also, this could be the perfect passive income for the smart business owner.  

An opportunity to offer a positive community service and build a positive passive income for yourself at the same time does not often present itself.  This is a win-win business for all parties, the distributor, the licenced venue, and the local consumer, drinker, smoker and phone user.  We recommend you get in touch quickly to find out if your area is still available.  You can find more information by enquiring directly to the Blow 'n' Go team.