Work Part Time while achieving a Full Time Income

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: DEC 24th, 2018

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

With more solar panels in Australia than people, there has never been a better time to invest in the booming world of solar panel cleaning and inspection. By investing in one of our Ecokleen Solar franchises you’ll become a regional solar care professional. You'll carry out inspections, cleaning, and reporting services, to aid owners in making the most out of their solar panel investment.

But why solar we hear you ask? Well, solar panel installations are classed as large electrical appliances and as a result they need to be regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure that their warranties are not voided. As an owner of one of our Ecokleen Solar franchises, you’ll be in charge of cleaning, inspecting and reporting services to aid owners in fulfilling their warranty requirements. What’s more, most manufacturers require that their solar panels be cleaned every six months, or every year, depending on the location, meaning you’ll get repeat business.

As part of the package, you will receive complete training in addition to ongoing support to help you get the most out of your business. You will be given all the uniforms you require, thermal imaging cameras to help you detect electrical problems within the solar panels themselves, and cleaning and safety equipment. Not only that, but Ecokleen Solar provide their franchisees with all the marketing equipment that they will need to set up their business, including custom-made Facebook pages, websites and materials such as flyers, business cards, business forms and signage. They also provide franchisees with help launching their marketing campaign and provide ongoing support.

Franchisees are only required to uncover any potential problems with the solar panels, they are not asked to carry out repairs, which are done by the manufacturers or local electrical contractors.

Part Time or Full Time

This is a growing industry and the timing is perfect for those who want to make money in this lucrative business. The benefits of entering this type of franchise are numerous: you can work the hours you want and this can be either a full time or part time job depending on your availability. It also comes with low setup cost and low overheads, so almost anyone can buy into this opportunity. You’ll be given your own exclusive marketing territory with a national and recognised brand which does all the business setup for you, allowing you to hit the ground running. But the best thing about this franchise is that you can earn between $100-160 an hour carrying out services that are increasingly in demand.

As climate change takes hold, this industry is only going to go from strength to strength as people turn to more renewable forms of energy production. If you’re ready to leave the 9 to 5 behind and are looking for a lucrative option that gives you the freedom to work the hours you want with repeat custom, this may very well be the perfect franchise for you.

For more detailed information visit the EcoKleen Solar franchise website to download their Free Info Pak today.