New Year Brings Expansion and Enhancement For Franchise Network:


Date: DEC 8th, 2013

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Valuable experience with a diverse range of clients including Qantas, Sydney Trains, Fosters, Macquarie Bank, OneSteel, Woolworths, Microsoft, and with international clients including Tata Consultancy Services, National Health Service (UK) places Mark Hubert in an elite position as the latest marketing consultant to partner with Social Media Business Boosters.

Additionally Mr. Hubert has brought his experience and expertise to smaller Australian and international businesses. "The growth of small business through platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy is capturing my interest as we move into the new year," says Mr. Hubert. "Small businesses are the growth engines of the economy," he explains.

"Growth of bigger businesses is being affected by the level of transparency. This is apparent when you examine the sophistication of social media interactions with customers: including conversing, tackling and resolving issues and converting both dissatisfied and satisfied customers into better customers."

A results-focused social media manager, Mark Hubert has a track record of achievements in Australia, Asia, and the USA to enhance the burgeoning Boosters franchise group. Director of Social Media Business Boosters, Max Collins agrees. "Mark is acutely aware of the particular industries currently flying under the radar from leveraged digital marketing services," explains Collins. "It’s no longer a question of whether you ‘do social media’ – it’s a question of how well and Mark understands the execution of this perfectly as we move into taking on more and more national clients".

A vision of helping businesses be better, to get the recognition and reputation they deserve and to take advantage of new technologies to preserve what they have built is Mark's raison d'être. "I focus on results, not chit-chat through social media," Mark offers. "The tools are there to enable conversations and engagement and the tools themselves will simply become part of the fabric. If you want to chat to people through these forms that’s great but my interest is revenue, profit, and reputation."