Austvending launches hand sanitiser vending machines

Date: DEC 13th, 2010

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Austvending - Hand Sanitiser Vending Opportunity

Austvending, the succssful Australian vending business, has brought to Australia an innovative new franchise concept - hand sanitising machines

This new concept, popular in Europe and the US, allows franchisees to secure exclusive geographic territories in which they place hand sanitising gel dispensers.

Studies have shown that flu viruses and other microbes can "live" on money, both coins and paper money, for over two weeks. They can "live" for 24 to 48 hours on nonporous environmental surfaces. After the world flu epidemic in 2009, people and governments are increasingly conscious about germs and how to reduce spreading them.

A widespread trend is the use of hand sanitizers. They eliminate 99.9% of germs from your hands without the need to use water.

Austvending are offering businesses the possibility of having automatic, touch-free, hand sanitizers in their premises for both their staff and patrons.

Businesses are already entering into 36-month contracts to pay $29.95 + GST per month (on direct debit) to have our hand sanitizers in their premises. Businesses are having them installed, not only in the bathroom, but in foyers, staff rooms, offices, next to lifts and behind the counter.

Potential customers include a wide range of locations including; Child care centres, medical centres, physiotherapists, supermarkets, cafes, hair salons, pubs and bars, dentists, call centres, manufacturing, hotels and big retailers are welcoming the idea as the alternative for healthier work places by reducing the spread of germs through Austvending''''s touch-free hand sanitizers.