GRIP GUARD NON-SLIP – Success by Design

Date: DEC 5th, 2007

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

The traditional approach to owning your own business is a methodical, scientific process. Generally, sound investigations in this area should include researching the marketplace, identifying a need, and then creating a business to service this need.

Grip Guard Non-Slip has followed these steps and this extensive preparation has ensured their success and the success of their operators.

Researching the Marketplace: Almost ten years ago, the directors of Grip Guard became aware of the increasing emphasis on occupational health and safety, as well as the increase in litigation resulting from OH&S non-compliance. The floor safety market was huge…and wide open. There were virtually no businesses equipped to provide advice and services relating to floor safety issues.

Identifying a Need: With slip/fall injuries being the second largest cause of workplace accidents, it was obvious that there was a need for advice and treatments that could prevent serious workplace issues. Business owners and property managers required assistance to prevent employee injury and the expensive loss of income that results from these injuries. Australians, and the rest of the world, were becoming increasingly aware of the legal ramifications of not being OH&S compliant.

Creating a Business to Service a Need: After two years of research and development the directors created a business that they were sure had all the hallmarks of success. After eight years, their efforts have been rewarded and Grip Guard operators are providing floor safety advice and treatments throughout Australia and Asia. Grip Guard Non-Slip is now expanding into Europe and New Zealand.

Business opportunities exist with Grip Guard Non-Slip throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and the USA.