Grip Guard - Home-Based Business Provides Optimal ROI

Date: AUG 28th, 2012

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

There are a few very good reasons why home-based businesses have become one of the fastest growing form of business. The benefits are great especially in the start up years. Grip Guard operators enjoy the following benefits:

1. Time Savings

The benefit of working in a home office eliminates the need to commute. This time savings is one of the main attractions for those who have chosen to work from home. By eliminating the commute, Grip Guard operators are able to use the 1-2 hours a day usually spent on the road engaged in revenue-producing activities. And, the added bonus of eliminating the stress of travel cannot be underestimated!

2. Work Flexibility

Being able to at night or before working hours in the morning is a real bonus for business owners who are have family obligations. The boon in technology allows home-based business owners to interact with customers and supplies 24/7.Many Grip Guard operators appreciate the extra time they can spend with the families – it may not mean they are working less hours but it does mean that operators can choose the hours most suitable to themselves.

3. Lower Overheads

Working from home keeps you overheads low. The money saved by not paying rent and office utilities can be used in other areas of the business that actually make money such as promotional activities. This reduction in costs allows Grip Guard operators to be more competitive in their pricing which leads to a healthier bottom line.

4. Deduction of Home Costs on Taxes

Owning a home based business may allow you to claim utilities, business phone, office equipment and other items at tax time. Owning a Grip Guard license can be both personally and financially rewarding. Our operators enjoy the control and freedom afforded to small business owners and, in particular, benefit from being involved in a business that is virtually recession proof. Floor safety is mandated by Australian law that stipulates that all businesses and public spaces must be safe for pedestrian use. Grip Guard floor safety initiatives help business owners and councils meet that duty of care.