3 Most Common Questions About A Vending Machine Business For Sale

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: APR 17th, 2017

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

1. Do I have to do the work to earn the income?

Owning a vending machine may not mean you are doing the workWater Vending Machines for sale

There is a new opportunity that offers a silent investment scenario. 

That’s right, you make the initial investment and then you receive monthly income as a return on your investment. 

Head office place the machines, manage the machines, and even look to buy them back from you at the end of the contract. 

The only limitation, if you can call it that, is the level of return on your vending machine business investment. 

If you aspire to make more than 12 to 15 per cent return per year, and are looking for a part time, or fully flexible working lifestyle, then there are many more vending machine businesses for sale in Australia right now, and the market is continually growing.

Each vending machine option will come with it’s own unique system and requirements.  A food vending machine will require restocking to make a sale, where as an entertainment gaming machine will need to be checked to see that it is working well and all equipment is in tact, maybe serviced at intervals, and the money collected.  They are very different systems.  One you are buying and selling food products, the other you are offering a service and the use of your product. 

The ice vending machines may be more seasonal, so the workload is more in the summer months, and a water vending machine may be consistent all year round.

If your machine is turning over more product, are you going to be reluctant to find the time to restock it or unload the money in the system?  No I think not.  The more it makes the better off you are. 

Many vending business owners invest in more than one machine, and continue to grow their business as their income grows.  Some Vending Machine Businesses for sale have finance offers for their equipment which allows you to easily grow your business and pay it off as you go.  Always ask about in house finance options when conducting your research.

2. Who does a Vending Machine business suit?

Who doesn’t it suit is more the question.  This is a business system that perfectly suits a retiree, with time to spare and not wanting to be in the nine to five work grind to make a good income.

It also suits home mums or dads that have a young family, or other family commitments that limit their time.  Flexibility is critical and achieved with vending.

Those at university or studying can earn income while at school, and maintain the machines out of study hours.  (There may be placement opportunities in your college or boarding house).

It suits full time employees that are looking to supplement their income and achieve more than their weekly take home pay.  They can be monitored after hours, depending on the location, and on weekends as well.  Here you can have the security of a weekly wage, and the added income of being your own boss and running a vending business.  (There could be placement opportunities in your workplace, and those surrounding you).

Most vending options come with remote monitoring options so you could check on your stock levels and sales in your lunch break, or while watching your kids at the cricket (I’m sure they won’t notice!).  It makes for easy management and ensures you only need to visit your machines when there is something to be done.  Some machines now take credit cards so the money handling is not a chore either.

3. Is Vending a risky business?

As with any investment, there are risks and it is crucial to do your homework when working out which option suits you the best.

Many franchisors and distributors in the vending machine industry offer services to help you find locations near you that have high levels of through traffic, and most importantly, the traffic that will want your products or services.  You will only earn income once the machines are out in the community.  The franchisors and distributors are well experienced in ideal location placement, and in handling negotiations with landlords.

In todays society consumers like to have their needs met quickly and at any hour of the day.  This is perfect for the vending market where the machines can be placed at easily accessible locations with minimal competition for products, and a high sales conversion level.

The remote monitoring means that you are able to maximise your stock levels and not have your machines running out of products or experiencing any problems for a long period of time.

A good way to assess the risks is to talk to others in the industry, with similar machines to those that you are interested in.  Ask them the questions that concern you.  Keep in mind that any business is a reflection of the management and the location, and this may have been integral in their vending business experiences, positive or otherwise.

The Outcome -

At the end of the day, all vending machine business investors will have income being produced when they are not there!

The product and service may vary, but the income generation system is the same.

We now have options available for cold and hot food machines, gaming machines like air hockey and fooz ball, atm machines both mobile and fixed, ice vending, water vending by the big bottle, breath testing machines, phone recharge stations, and the ultimate hand water bottle vending where you invest only.

A vending machine business for sale offers you the opportunity to earn a good income.  With a growing number of options in the marketplace there is something to suit all lifestyle situations, and to bring in a consistent income.

Look at all vending machine options for sale.