How A Storage Franchise Had Solid Growth In First Year – Franchisee reveals the system.

Author: Heather Gleeson

Date: APR 4th, 2016

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

We took a quick snapshot from inside a Supercheap Storage franchise in Brisbane.  Their system has a unique concept which takes away 50% of the removal costs for their clients.  It’s a module based storage service that provides their clients with a 10 cubic metre container.  This container has the ability to store the contents of a standard one bedroom apartment, and would take the Supercheap Storage team approximately an hour to load. 

The specially trained Supercheap Storage moving team offer a quick and easy solution to load the modules.  These are then taken away to their safe and secure warehouse, or clients can pack the modules themselves, with a little bit of guidance from the Supercheap Storage team that is on-site with the module.

We spoke with Stephen Voss, the General Manager, who works closely with the owners of the Brisbane Franchise, Chris and Lachlan.  Stephen thoroughly enjoys his role in this unique and flexible storage franchise business.  Chris and Lachlan bought the franchise a year ago and they have “gone from 0 to 600 modules in a year and are now looking for another warehouse.  Stephen mentioned that the business has a strategy for return on investment, however with any business growing that rapidly in the first year, capital has to be carefully managed to ensure it continues moving forward in a positive way.  “As we grow we will need more trucks, modules, forklifts and warehouses.”

At present we have many clients that store for 6 months or more, which provides the business with a base recurring revenue and in some cases, is paid up front.   The business leads are generated through strategies driven by the Franchise marketing team.  They use digital marketing avenues, such as Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, and SEO, in addition to local level store strategies which are encouraged and supported by head office.

When we asked Stephen about what it was like to work in a franchise business, he mentioned it wasn’t too different from the non-franchise businesses he has worked in, except there were boundaries for each franchisee to abide by.  “The system accurately distributes digitally generated leads to relevant areas utilising leading edge software technologies, so there is no crossover, which was good”.  He hadn’t had much to do with the other franchisees, and the central office had a “good marketing team, who they were in contact with regularly” and provides guidance.

Chris James, the owner, is actively involved with supporting the community and they are very proud to be involved in a close partnership with DVConnect.  This partnership has assisted victims to leave abusive relationships, by helping them move out of their homes.  This has been an enormous support for these victims, something they previously never thought there could be a way out of.

Of course this partnership has not only allowed Supercheap Storage to give back to their community, but also built brand awareness through the positive media exposure that followed. What a brilliant idea and strategic partnership, something that we can all learn from.

We wish Chris and Stephen continued growth in 2016 and thank them for sharing their first years results in their new franchise.  It has proven to be a solid investment.

You can learn more about the Supercheap Storage franchises now for sale across Australia, and enquire directly to their franchise team for detailed information.