Car Care Tackles Water Issue

Date: APR 3rd, 2007

Topic: Franchise News And Advice

Car Care is aware of the issues surrounding the use of water and have tackled this issue on many fronts;
  1. We are, to the best of our knowledge, unique in franchised car detailing in that we carry our own power and water on all vehicles. This allows us to use a high pressure wash system with cut off trigger . High pressure wash systems like ours use far less water than a hose. Even fixed sites have been shown to use between 40-100 ltrs (after allowing for re-cycling this is still a huge qty)
  2. We recently carried out an independant audit on all Vic franchisees by the State of Victoria and carried out by Ecowise Environmental. Car Care received a 5 star excellent rating with a usage rate well under the expected levels. The independent audit carried out over 5 washes identified an average usage of 16.6 ltrs (including an allowance of 3ltrs for our shampoo machine which we only use on about 25% of jobs).
  3. We offer customers a completely waterless wash where appropriate (even some completely waterless wash companies use water in some cases) but have been disappointed by the take up.
  4. We are continually looking to adopt new techniques and products that reduce the usage of water with the proviso they do not damage the clients car.
  5. In SA we use water catchment mats where the water would otherwise run off into the drainage system.
  6. We can provide customers with a Quick & Easy Wash which requires only
  7. litres of water and no rinse.
What we feel is needed from the government are clear statements about what is the maximum level of permissible water usage to wash a car or even their adoption of waterless wash solutions where appropriate.