Franchise Purchase Payment Plans

New Franchise Purchase Payment Plans

Flexibility and Growth for the Franchisor

and the Franchisee.

 Every franchise is unique and deserves it’s own tailored payment plans.

 Let’s Make It Happen

 ➤For The Franchisee

The personalised funding offered allows you to start your new franchise business with the capital it needs to perform well in the early months, and to take the stress out of the cash burn of the first few months in a new franchise. 

You can allocate your cash resources to growing your business, instead of using your money to pay the initial franchise fee, and limiting your setup and marketing budget. The answer is to preserve your cash and repay the franchise fee back over an agreed monthly repayment plan.

Your history, and cash needs, are different to the next person, and may differ between the franchises that you are considering, so give us a call to see how we can help you comfortably purchase your own business. 

 ➤For the Franchisor

We work with you to ensure your franchise is achievable for prospective franchisees, and to help your business grow across the country.

There is strong evidence to suggest that offering franchisee’s an ability to pay the Franchise Fee by instalments positively influences their buying behaviour and leads to increased sales.

Often the upfront fee may be the stumbling block for the perfect new motivated franchisee – we work with you to ensure your franchise fee is paid, and the franchisee can confidently start their new business dream. 

We are talking about unsecured loans that ensure you are paid for your franchise upfront, and can afford to offer the products, services, and support to your franchisees that they need to give them the head start into their new franchise.

About Us – 

First Class Capital is an Australian owned and independent finance company.

We deliver working capital solutions to clients and their trading partners like no other lender in the country.

We have a national network of people not branches. Over 140 in fact. Our network has been successfully providing financial services to businesses for over 13 years.

Our focus is the small to medium sized business market. Under serviced by banks, working capital and cash flow is constantly a challenge. We provide solutions for those challenges.

We have lending products that suit the financing of trade debtors, trade creditors and future card based sales.

Our clients come from all industry sectors and our credit facilities are flexible.

Unlike most, we provide funding and supporting services which enable our  

clients to achieve a complete solution.

First Class Capital has first-hand experience in the franchise industry.  We have recruited new franchisees, marketed and sold franchise systems, and designed and found the perfect finance solutions to ensure growth and security for all parties.

 We Offer A WIN – WIN Franchise Finance Solution.

 To find out how we could assist in funding your franchise fee:

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